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My Horse Training Stories : Benefits Of Lunging Horses
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There are many many benefits to lunging your horse … some of those being getting the horse fit … and more importantly getting a horse fit to carry a rider. It also allows someone on the ground to have control of the horse while someone else is riding in terms a beginner .. or doing riding exercises right up to horses who allow volting the pinnacle of control of a horse on the lunge.

Lungeing is used by all level riders right up to Olympic level … with the incorporation of thing such as running reins and the many other bit of equipment available to add onto your horse while lunging the most common being a roller.

Lunging can also be beneficial in terms of assessing your horse for a veterinary problem.

What do I use lunging for and what benefits have I found with my horses ….

Well to start my kids have an 8.2 mini .. Ike … I call him our mascot or stalker pony at feed times … for him the greatest benefit of lunging .. is still being able to have final control when the kids are riding … though in saying this even though he is 14 my first attempt at lunging him was a disaster … he had never been taught … is really only a 5 min lesson if u know what your doing … like teaching a horse how to lead … well teaching a horse anything really pressure and release … will write a whole other bit about how to lunge… he had spent his life as a lead line pony … but has taken to the lunge no worries … but did need quite a few lessons til he got the message he still had to go slow and was having a great time tearing around … not ideal when kids r riding.! But all good now and sure beats running around leading!!!

Makes me wonder how many lead line ponies r good for that and nothing else … they really all should be able to lunge.

I also use lunging with both my other horses ….though I must admit in someway I cheat as I use a round yard … 15m … not that I cant use a lunge line but more that I can focus on other things and esp when you are incorporating more bit of equipment such as running or side rein the danger of the horse flipping over it it gets confused becomes much higher and in a round yard it is much easier to send them forward esp if they r facing u up.

I am currently lunging both horses 4 days a week weather permitting … 10 mins both ways … it means I don’t always have time to ride as well but currently I am concentrating on getting them rider fit … as in build up the correct muscle on the horse so as to me more easily able to carry a rider .

How do I do this … I use running reins … I will write a whole piece on these alone …but they encourage the horse to work in a frame meaning they r stretching all the muscles along their topline and back as they work … building these up much quicker and making it more comfortable to carry a rider while in frame … over the back as they say .

In these terms I have found lunging very beneficial and the improvements in the horse when ridden is remarkable with a much steadier head set and being able to find relaxation and rhythm much quicker … very impressed.

Hope u enjoyed my article and found it some use … I am no expert and am just sharing my own experiences as I try to follow my dream of becoming a horse trainer … Thanks Nic

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