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My Horse Training Stories : Hoof Boots Why I Use Them
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Firstly I would like to say I love my farrier !! … not in a love love kinda way but more in the fact I have a hug amount of respect for him in terms of the huge amount of passion he has for horses feet!! ..he was the one who fitted my mare with her horse hoof boots .. he is a barefoot specialist who only works part time cause as he said to do it full time he would have to charge a fortune … thankfully for me he dosent!! I have now been using him to do my horse feet for about 12 months after some bad luck with incompetent farriers … master farriers ..

So started using horse hoof boots about 6 months ago…. Ill tell you my story

As I have written about before I have had my appy mare flick for about 4 years … she has always had shocking feet … when I first got her she had cracks up the outside of all 4 feet … I only wish back then I had known about horse hoof boots I might have started using them years ago …

The farrier I was using at the time had never seen it before and even suggested it may be genetic … hmmmmm …. Some of the crack were so bad they were right up into the coronet band … and she would get really sore … poor darling … I asked him if shoes would help support her feet … so on went some shoes …. Within a week after a bit of rain she was extremely lame in her front feet …

My neighbor at the time was dealing with a horse who had severe abscesses and so very well knew the signs … she came over to have a look and flick had strong pulses in both front feet … a sure sign …

Off came the shoes … they certainly wernt going to be an option … with time she came good again … very sad to watch a horse with sore feet …

I started thinking then if she was young and born in severe drought … I knew little of her history I bought her of a lovely lady who had bought her at the sales but had found she was too green…. Then maybe her body was lacking in something …

Admittedly I know about and use biotin these days but 4 years ago didn’t …so I gave her lots of molasses … which amazing high in calcium … I know this cause my kids had a sever dairy allergy when they were babies and researched food high in calcium.

But low and behold she came good the cracks grew out and she stopped going lame. We were still in drought at this time and so having no muddy conditions helped .

Then my life changed … we moved to a very diff part of the country 500kms away …

At this stage due to her not being shod I started trimming her feet myself …

Ok wft u might say … hehehe I fig couldn’t be that hard … so not true… first time was pretty funny as I had to fig out best way to hold legs etc.. I got some pretty funny looks from the horses but they were very cooperative !!

This went on for about 12 months … I also had another horse at the time Willow my 16.3TB gelding . Unbeknownst to me at the time they way I was filling back flicks feet … all off the toe and none off the heel … I don’t do feet much these days!! … was helping her giving her feet clearance and along with the dry weather we didn’t have a prob for 12 months … sound horse … though she did step short occasionally if the ground got rough.

Then I was forced to move the 500kms back home … long story but we stayed with mum for a 4 months and was 6 before the horses were able to join us … all the time their feet being left .

By this stage flicks feet had gotten quite long …. I felt it was too much for me so asked around and got a master farrier … in the end I used him for about 12 months … considering the horse she was being filed completely wrong and the heels back down … she started to go lame again … on and off for about 6 months I asked lots of questions the ground was really wet at the time after the drought had finally broken … down came the rain … and she would be lame again … I felt so bad for her and was constantly polticing her feet … but nothing worked … copper sulfate was rec mixed with vasaline … now the fact he told me that means he knew at the time she had seedy toe … but it is a big job the cut it out … so he never said a word and she kept getting abscesses …I did my own research then … realized this is what she had …. asked him to come out esp after only being here 2 weeks before to cut it out … he never showed … rang again … apologized… never showed …. I was pissed off by this stage …

So went looking for somebody else …. This time I got really lucky … he came out the next week and spent 2 hours cutting out the seedy toe and assessing and shaping her feet … gave me copper sulfate and packed her feet with wax …within 2 weeks … 2 WEEKS … she was sound and has never had an abscess since … hooray !!!

But she still had horrible feet from the last guy … really flat and not good for much not even a sand arena… though I must note I don’t have access to a sand anything… at this stage we were also doing a lot of trail riding which she found hard … and I only went down specific trials or in the wet.

I had been considering horse hoof boots for a while at this stage … turns out my new farrier is a fitter …. Sweet …

First time she had them on was hilarious the full high stepping …. Out on the trail she was right after 50m still stepping a bit short at the trot …. She had learnt to protect herself poor darling … sore feet suck … and then we came to her favorite canter hill … off we went … as we approached the hard ground where we usually stop u could almost feel her shock when her feet were good … she immediately stretched out … back to the trot and she was striding out like her old self … couldn’t have asked for more … pain free horse .

Time has past and her feet have grown heaps and looks like normal feet almost where I was using the hoof boots for everything … round yard .. grass area and trails .. there has been such an improvement that I only use them out on the trails now.

Its been so nice to use the horse hoof boots and for them to work as I was hoping … even if I could use steel shoes I don’t think I would and haven’t on my other horse … no hoof boots either

For me horse hoof boots have been a great success and given me my horse back after 12 months of distress for both of us.

Like the old saying goes no feet no horse and don’t I know it … Im no expert and don’t claim to be just telling my story … Thanks Nic

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