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What Kind Of Horseanality Does Your Horse Have?
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What Kind Of Horseanality Does Your Horse Have?

Pat Parelli is known for coining the term “Natural Horsemanship.” And he is also known for the saying, “People have personalities, horses have horseanalities.” Now a lot of people don’t like the “Horseanalities” and say things like, “I don’t need someone to tell me how my horse acts.” Yes, you may not, but to understand each of the characteristics of each horse, and how to react to each one in their own way is what you can learn. However, in this article we will be going over what each of them are and include.

Left brain

They are slit up into left brain and right brain. Left brain ones are more of the dominate type of horse. They are the ones that are going to be more assertive with other horses and usually are the head horse of the heard. They are the more calm and confident horses.

Right brain

Right brain horses are of the more reactive type. They are more weary and unsure of things. More submissive type of horses. They are more fearful and unconfident.


Then next thing to do is to choose if they are an extrovert or introvert. Extrovert’s first reaction is to move their feet first, ask questions later. They want to go go go, and have very high energy.


An introvert my not move their feet as much, but they are thinking instead of moving. Not to say the extrovert doesn’t think, but you have to go through the extroverts feet sometimes to get to their mind. More so then with the introvert. Introverts have more whoa then go, lower energy, always wanting to stop more. Might not be as fast and can be seen as stubborn because they don’t move as easily as the extrovert.

Right Brain Introvert

Right brain introverts avoid pressure by going inside. You have to gain their trust and help them come out of their hiding and trust that you will take care of them.

Right Brain Extrovert

Right brain extroverts are the more reactive type, and then they want to move their feet because they are afraid. Make things simple and show them that there is nothing to be afraid of, and everything will be ok.

Left Brain Introvert

Pat Parelli says this is the land of “Why should I? What’s in it for me?” And I can vouch for that one. Even though they won’t move their feet and can be seen as stubborn and lazy, their mind is going fast. You have to use reverse phycology to get through to these guys. Do the opposite of what you know they think you want. Make them start to question and get involved in what is next.

Left Brain Extrovert

This is the playful horse. Usually a fast learner, you will have to have things to keep this horse interested and not board with their jobs. Wants to have fun and has a lot of energy to do it with.

Which horse do you have?

You don’t need someone to say what kind of horse you have. Just by watching and knowing your horse will you figure that out. But learning how to interact with your type of horse is why you want to know what kind you have.

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