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Horses. Strong, majestic, symbolic, and used by man for millennia as modes of transportation, war machines, and even as good friends. My first horse experience takes me all the way back to Juneau, AK, where I was born. There's a family getaway there called Echo Ranch a few miles out of town that we used to visit every so often. They had everything from miniature golf to horseback riding, and it was there that I had my first ride on the beautiful creature called the horse.

Of course I was about four or so, and the huge creature toward over me like a mountain towers over a hiker. With just a little bit of help, I was mounted. I still remember it as a very calm horse, with a beautiful cream colored coat. Much more beautiful than me with my bright orange safety cap on, lol, I think I finally know why my dad got me that hat, lol.

Anyways, since then I've loved horses, and not only me, but my family. As I mentioned before our dad wanted to turn our place in Oregon once we moved, into an amature farm. And one of the first animals we ever got was a horse... well, a pony but: a horse is a horse, no matter how small, lol, I guess there could be some genetic differences, but that's beside the point :p We named him Buckshot, because when we gave him his first shot, he bucked like crazy!

We had both fun and trials with that horse. We learned to ride, and many a times were taken wildly up onto our hillside through the brush or brushed up against the fence, but it was all good experiences :D And we also learned a bit of responsibility considering we had to feed him every day. He was smart too! He actually learned how to untie his rope and it was more than once that we found ourselves chasing him down the neighborhood dirt road if he had accompanied us to a friend's house, lol.

He was beautiful, dark brown, a lot of sass, and a very calm personality. As an example, one time just being stupid, I decided to listen to our neighbor friend and chase the poor thing with those metal rakes dragging on the ground. He soon ended up upside down in our ditch, we thought we'd killed him! So, with terror, I got my dad, who came out and lifted away the rocks in a dam he had built in the ditch which had helped Buckshot get stuck. But did he panic? A little bit, but for the most part he just laid there, and he was perfectly fine afterword. God had mercy on me that day, but my dad didn't.

On Buckshot's behalf... or my behalf, depending on when this happened, there was a time when--not knowing what I was doing--walked behind Buckshot improperly and he let me have it right in the shoulder. I was a little kid mind you, and it knocked me on the ground, I was blessed that he didn't hit my head. He was a good pony.

Our second horse we got when we were just a tad older, a gorgeous white stallion, with black speckles. We actually kind of rescued him seeing that the previous owners didn't feed him well enough. And you could see the bones of the rib cage. So we adopted him and nursed him back to health. He too, ended up running down the neighborhood road a few times with us chasing him.

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