Things That You Should Eat When You Are In Cebu
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Things That You Should Eat When You Are In Cebu

Cebu is home to a lot of things. Great food is definitely one of them. And while you can easily find a restaurant to fill your stomach with, certain establishments will give you a treat that the others won’t have. Below are some of the best delicacies offered by the best restaurants/food establishments on Cebu.

Desserts at La Marea

Conveniently placed in Cebu’s IT hub, IT Park, La Marea is a favorite stopover by call centers or anyone who just happens to pass through the area. They are famous for their sweets, and their brownie cups deserve a special mention. But of course there are a lot more choices to be had and once you’re here, you’ll find out how hard it is to resist not buying them.

A Full Course Meal at Casa Verde

Case Verde as a well reputed restaurant that has already made extensions on Ayala Center and IT Park - they also have a branch in Manila as well. They have a wide list of choices for food, but their best seller is the Brian’s Ribs. It’s pork ribs baked to perfection and complemented with tangy sauce. The tenderness of the meat seems like it melts into your mouth the moment you take a bite into it.

Aside from the pork ribs, they also have tenderloin, pork steak, barbecue, pastas, hamburgers and more. For many, Casa Verde is a food establishment they’d love to visit again.

Sunburst Chicken

If you’re a raving fried chicken fanatic, then this restaurant in the Ayala Mall can give you what you need. Their fried chicken is one of the dishes you’ll surely come back for more. And while they are revered by people because of their fried chicken dishes, they also offer seafood and other dishes as well.

Fine Dining at La Vie Parisienne

If you’re ever up for a romantic dinner, take your loved one and be sure to visit this place at night. Located in Gorordo Avenue, the place screams western and is full of other designs. Nighttime is the perfect time to visit this restaurant, as they’ll be turning on their “Pink Trees” that will make the atmosphere even more romantic.

However, the restaurant does not only excel on designs and aesthetics. They have a wall full of wine and some sweet croissant bread and other pastries to complement it. And lastly, it comes complete with a full course meal.

Larsian Barbecue

Grilled meat and seafood or what we usually call barbecue not uncommon in Cebu - in fact, they’re quite popular. However, there is one food establishment that stands above the rest when it comes to this dish. The name is Larsian and it’s located right at the heart of Cebu City.

The Larsian itself is not a large barbecue shop - it’s like a market for a barbecue instead. You can find the best barbecues in the province here and get to eat them Filipino style.

Eating the Best Pig at CnT and Zubuchon

Finally, one of the most reputable dish that not only Cebu but the whole country is known for is the lechon baboy. Cebu in particular has the most delicious ones and if you’re to pick the best shop, it will all boil down to two choices - CnT Lechon at Ayala or in Rama Ave., Cebu City or Zubuchon inside Mango Mall, General.

Between the two, CnT is much more affordable, but Zubuchon is less salty compared to the other one. That might be a good thing or bad for you but depending on your tastes and your budget, you might prefer one over the other. A quick note about these two is to buy lechon at peak hours, or you won't be able to buy any because they ran out.

Honorable Mention - Balut

Those are our favorite food list and the establishments that offer the best of them. However, if you’re the adventurous type when it comes to food, then here’s a daring challenge for you - the Balut. Wikipedia has a more detailed information on them, but in a nutshell, it’s a fertilized chicken or duck egg. The taste can be pretty strong and once you eat it, you can only have two reactions. You’ll either love it, or hate it with a passion.

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