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A Funny Childhood Hunting Story
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Here's a story from my childhood of hunting with my dad. My dad was the kind of guy who LOVED the outdoors, and since he had a few, issues... he would take me and my brother with him for weeks at a time every time he would go hunting. We never really caught anything except the one time he illegally shot a deer from over the road. The main reason we never got anything was because just before we moved from Juneau (where he was the hunting master), he had all his guns taken away under a misunderstanding and lost the ability to have such weapons. So when we moved here, he had to switch to bow and arrow, he was a great shot after teaching himself to make perfect long range shots, buuuut... it was just different, and he never really got used to it.

Oh we'd sneak up on animals all the time, even whole herds of elk, it was just the change from rifle to bow was a hard one. Speaking of which, one of the most spectacular moments I've been in as a child here in Oregon, is seeing and hearing a whole herd of elk take off. The ground literally shakes and the sound is like that of thunder. But I said this was a funny blog, not a totally awesome blog, lol. So here you go...

One of the joys of the great outdoors is mastering the squatting position for when one has to go number II... in other words, they have to poop.***** Which consequently never fails to be a subject of humor among a group of the male gender. This was no different than one of my fondest memories in the woods. And I remember it like it was yesterday. There, along a steep hillside, among the sunlit brown trunks of towering trees and dark green undergrowth, where a quiet stream flowed just a few feet away, my little brother... had to take a crap.

SO, assuming the squatting position, he... well you know, lol. All three of us started the number uno no of hunting--we started making noises. Stifled laughter and loud whispering, lol, I don't even remember what we were saying, only that it was centered around the joyous event of pooping in the woods. Probably something about scaring the animals away =D as if we weren't already doing this by our laughter. Then, the unthinkable happened... I looked over to my side and noticed an unusually large, sunlit patch of brown only a few feet away, maybe about 10 or 20 feet. I kept staring and as my eyes focused, I realised I was staring at a huge elk, standing perfectly still. I believe it was a female and I quickly got my dad's attention.

He started to pull his bow when the animal realized what was happening and took off down the hill! My dad, I'm telling you he was a hunter, took off running after it and we found that there were two bull elks that were in the brush that also took off running. That was an incredible site, seeing my dad run down this mountain chasing three elk! ... Wow.

You might have guessed it... he didn't get them, but it was still pretty incredible, and funny, lol. And never forget, the great outdoors isn't always about being serious, it's also about having a good time.

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