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Funny Things To Post On Facebook
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Funny Things to Post on Facebook

Facebook® is one place to post and stay in contact with friends, acquaintances and family members. Sometimes we see something funny on Facebook and would like to have funny things to post on Facebook ourselves. Actually, Facebook would not be the first place I would look for something funny. Maybe we should look elsewhere:

What have you go around the house?

Your Mother-in-Law

Five to three she is already there posting herself. How about Pin It? Maybe you could pin her to your board.

How about a good mother-in-law joke? Some think that mother-in-laws are not funny. Try this:

First Polygamist: "I hate my mother-in-law, such a hag."

Second Polygamist: "Which one?"

First Polygamist: "All eight of them!"

I had to create that jokes because this article site will not let me grab a joke from another site. They have policemen who watch for that.

Don't bother to post that old joke about the clown tasting funny to the cannibal. They've heard it.

Everyday Life is Funny

Young mothers are always reporting their daily activities on Facebook:

Charlie just shot mustard and catchup onto his Cheerios®.

This St. Bernard is going to the pound. He just ate the Sunday roast.

That last one happened to my sister when she lived in Montana.

Billy threw the baby in the clothes dryer and push the button. Hang on a minute!

That blasted squirrel just took one of his mighty leaps to the feeder and landed in the bird bath, bonged his head and drowned. Good riddance!

Jimmy says he is not going to school tomorrow because he is sick of it. He wants me to write his excuse tonight.

Got a Funny Story?

On Facebook you can chat with your friends, bantering back and forth. That is a good time to reflect and reminisce. My father and grandfather told me stories from their past so you can reach back before you were born to find a dandy story.

When I was a boy, my father put me on the electric train called the Bamburger and walked me up a canyon near his boyhood home. The object was too teach me about the birds and the bees of which I had no idea what he was talking about. But he told me about birds and flowers and snakes and a rattlesnake enticing a bird and striking it in the air.

He told me about his first car ride in the Family doctor's care and the road dust. Best of all he showed me the deep pits that trapper used to catch bears, still there, a hazard to anyone not seeing them. He told me about the huge steel traps the trapper also used.

There was an old mill still standing and Dad took me there and said, "This is where the trapper kept the bears he caught and trained them before he sold them to the circuses."

I knew about bear acts in the circus because my Aunt Grace had ran off to a small circus where she slid down a wire by her teeth and was in a bear act of which I have a pic somewhere.

"He was training a bear to box getting more and more familiar with the bear, swinging at it hitting it in the face. The bear just stood and swayed back and forth. Then like lightning the bear swung knocking the trainer to the ground. They called the doctor but he said the man had concussion and could die.

"The man didn't wake up for almost a month."

Dad saw this event as the folks sometimes gathered to watch the trapper train bears. He thought it was very funny.

I guess you had to be there.

Facebook is not a place that I hang out. I use to go over there and chat but I don't anymore. I have a granddaughter in Alaska living on a remote Island and her cell phone does not work. She can get on Facebook and show those of us in Idaho what she and her husband are up to like catching humongous fish to store for the winter.

Well I have the urge to get up there and my son is planing a trip for us next year.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Facebook....


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Street Talk


Hi John! I have many funny stories from the past but I'm not sure FB is the place to post them for me. They are too long winded and too far in the past. FB is more suited for present stuff. Wish my life was funnier in general these days. You remind me I have to lighten up!!! LOL

  about 5 years ago
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