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Hey! Fairy Tale Believers!
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Hey! Fairy Tale Believers!

Fairy tales do really help in our real world :))

E very one of us always dream to have a happily ever after Love story...It is just so hard because there are lot of things and people that makes us not meant for each other like what Taylor swift said in her song love story:

That Juliet is willing to take risk and leave everything just to be with Romeo they will be prince and princess and will end it as a happy love story.

Y es! We just hope that we can just run from them so we can have that perfect, loving life forever....

S ince we were young we pretend to be some kind of princess in a fairytale and one day we will meet a prince that will bring us happiness, who will serve as our knight and shining armor, who will sing and dance with us that we almost felt like the world had just stop and both of you are the only people in it. But now, does that prince really exist? Sometimes we hope that the entire gorgeous, intelligent, charming prince from the books can just pop out from it so we can

experience or feel how to be a princess for a while. But sad to say just like what other say they are just fictions and will never be a part of what so called "the real world".

Real world is not like that perfect kingdom we always imagined from the tales we've read... In real world as day pass by you always thinking of what will happen in your future, there's a lot "what ifs and what wills" in our mind like what if I didn't graduate? What if I can't find a job? What if I can't reach my goals? What will happen to me? What will I do to cope up??? Etc.... In here we must do everything in order to survive, we can't just run away to a Far Far away kingdom in order to forget ALL of our problems, we can't just lie down under a tree eat some fresh apples watch the beautiful scenery and imagining that you're with your prince charming or a fairy grandmother or a Genie will appear in front of you after you rub a magic lamp and all your wishes will be granted. All we need is like a kiss just like what Snow White and Sleeping beauty needs in order for them to wake up but for us we need it to wake up to see what is really happening in our real world.... In here HARDWORK, PERSEVERANCE & ALL THOSE POSITIVE ATTITUDES THAT YOU CAN THINK OF are really important in order to make our dreams come true....

The good thing in a fairy tale is that all of the people in the kingdom always love and help each other; they respect their own kings and queens they all live on a simple way and always believe that "if we do good, good things will happen to us, then if we do bad, then bad things will follow" it is just they are more disciplined villagers so every story will always end happily.

I f only people today can be like those villagers then all of the countries can live in a peaceful way...

I just hope that even though were not children anymore and most of us can think and stands on our own. We can still bring out the child fairytales on us so we can see that anything is possible in order to have a peaceful and harmonious kingdom with our love ones like those on the books....

R emember what Peter Pan story says all we need is Trust, Faith, and a little Pixie Dust in order to fly and reach our dreams! ?

So long fairy tale believers hope all of you can get your own happily ending story that can be proud of to tell someday or maybe to next children generation! God bless :*

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