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Memes (pronounced so, that is rhymes with "dream"). You've probably seen more than a few of them around the internet. Following is a list of the most popular and most used internet memes.

The first of my internet meme list is, of course, Trollface. Trollface, also known as Coolface, is recognizable by his wrinkly face with the huge grin and his arms that seem to curl endlessly. Trollface originated from an MS-paint comic, posted on 4chan by a user named "Whyne". The comic featured trollface, trolling the 4chan boards by making "uneducated comments".

Second on this internet meme list, is one that has been around for a while. I'm talking about "Rage Guy". Rage Guy is used to express extreme anger, as a reaction to a given situation and can be recognized by his poorly sketched face with the text "FFFFFUUUUU" on the right side. Rage guy has been around since the end of 2004, but it wasn't until the end of 2009 when it really started to become popular. His popularity has been climbing ever since.

This is one of the newer ones: Raisin Face. Raisin Face is used to express complete astonishment and first appeared in a comic in which he discovers the chocolate chips on his cookie are actually raisins. Next to his face, there's usually one word that sums up why he is shocked.

Next on my internet meme list, is my personal favorite: Forever Alone. Forever Alone originated from "Rage Guy" and can be recognized by his bloated, ugly face with tears streaming from his eyes. Forever Alone expresses utter loneliness and disappointment in life. In one of my favorite Forever Alone comics, there is a guy who walks into his house, shouting "Honey, I'm home". In the next panel, there's a jar of actual honey and in the last one, the guy is eating the honey and has the Forever Alone face.

Hipster Kitty is another one of my favorites. It's a photo of a cat's head with glasses and a hoody drawn on it. Hipster Kitty spends his time listening to underground music, you've probably never heard of and avoiding things that are "too mainstream".

That concludes the Internet Meme list. I hoped you enjoyed reading and learned some interesting new things.

Street Talk

Good article. I love these memes, especially "Forever Alone" guy, they are pretty funny. Like everything else though, a bunch of unfunny people make their own comics and a lot of them aren't even half funny. Oh well though, most are pretty good. Take it easy.

  about 1 decade ago
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