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A Little Idea About Memes
The article will let you know about everything you need to know about memes. By memes, we are going to discuss about internet memes which is very popular now. Memes are nothing but concepts in the form of fashion, links, ideas, videos, images and phrases and gets spread with the…
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Write A Funny Blog
Some days we need to laugh…some days we are unable to. What is today for you? I often try and interject some humor into my articles and it works when I just let it flow while writing. But have you ever set for yourself the task of purposefully writing what…
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Margaret Smith Comedian 's Acclaimed Comedy is Available Now
Margaret Smith Comedian is a six-time Emmy award winning standup comedy writer, actor, and producer. Hailing from the small town of Chicago, Illinois, Margaret Smith is known primarily for her deadpan wit and pointed delivery, often being compared favorably to Eve Arden. Winner of the 1995 Annual American Comedy award…
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Is Bigfoot Real?
Is Bigfoot real? Of course he is. I see him every spring and fall. He spends his summaries mainly in the library in Astoria Oregon and his winters as the Swamp Ape in the Everglades. I did spot him once one winter in the Everglades. He was running as fast…
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Android App Lets Unborn Baby Choose Its Own Name
What is the world coming to? Phone app technology now meets the womb, letting unborn babies choose their own names? Okay, so this might not be a bad idea. It actually might take a load off of Mommy and Daddy-to-be, not having to make the decision. Instead, they can let…
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Problems What Problems?
I grew up on a farm in Southern Rhodesia and we lived in a house made of bricks and a tin roof, had a toilet that flushed and plentiful hot water thanks to an invention called a Rhodesian boiler. I need to digress slightly to explain a Rhodesian boiler. It…
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I Want to Redeem My Reward Points!
I stood there doing the days dishes, while my wife watched from the other room. "Let me rack up a couple more points, and then it's time to redeem them!", I mused. I finished the dishes, and went to have my Rewards card stamped by my woman. She looked up…
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Tips on How to Submit Your Best Meme
Memes have taken the internet world in a whirlwind. They are everywhere, and if you spend 20 minutes on the internet you will come across numerous funny memes on a daily basis. So, how did it gain such popularity over a short period of time? Many of us are still…
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Real Housewives Of OC: Lost Footage Was The Best Footage
Am I alone here, or was last night's Season 6 Lost Footage the most interesting episode of the whole RHOC's season? I'm a huge fan from day one and feel I've weathered some pretty big Santa Ana's with the OC Wives franchise, but this year felt a little off right…
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My Worst Valentine’s Day Ever
NOTE: All rights are reserved by author Zack Love but this story may be freely posted anywhere with this notice and link sexinthetitlebookdotcom. This story contains profanity and adult content. New York City is legendary for sleeping around. There’s hot tail everywhere and it’s such a big city that two-timing…
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A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Podiatrist
One of the first things I do in the morning is read the obituaries. I was born in 1932 and I’ve learned to be born around that time (and certainly before that) is very dangerous. I read an obit this morning that said Joe Fundike had lived a long and…
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The Story Behind Internet Memes
Memes are the most humorous posts that are found on the internet. Most of the memes have some originating stories that are as humorous as the meme itself. There are different types of memes that are found on the internet. It could be anything from a photo of a simple…
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