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Real Housewives Of OC: Lost Footage Was The Best Footage
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Real Housewives Of OC: Lost Footage Was The Best Footage

Am I alone here, or was last night's Season 6 Lost Footage the most interesting episode of the whole RHOC's season?

I'm a huge fan from day one and feel I've weathered some pretty big Santa Ana's with the OC Wives franchise, but this year felt a little off right from the opening shot. This season I:

  • Yawned through the trip to Spain
  • Actually felt a brief flash of sympathy for Slade with the all tubba-wubba name calling
  • Cringed at the Lady-Pond inferences & Mexican tummy shots
  • Stopped trying to understand what Alexis just said
  • Wondered who was and wasn't a cast member
  • Tuned out of the bathtub scene (Really, Tamra? Really?)
  • Could've cared less about Jeana's drama - it was too trite to be believable

The season felt lackluster and I just couldn't get vested into any storyline.

I really didn't know who Peggy was until almost the end of the season, could've cared less about Gretchen's Slade-dilemma, (they deserve each other - RIP), and why Tamra, whom I like, would forever document that first post-divorce year where your brain cells and libido have yet to settle from the shock, I don't know.

With Vicki's marriage coming to an unfortunate, but predictable end, especially evident during the reunion, it was very hard to watch the decline it's taking to her spirit and the toll it took on her family relations. Without Dame Vicki's usual wacky self and outrageous situations, it seemed that Bravo chose to anchor the season around the recently released Tramp Tamra. And while we all had a good idea she's always been there, lurking just below the surface of True Tamra, Good God! We didn't want to meet her up close! TOO close for comfort, and dignity!

However, this season I did entertain myself periodically by maintaining a running list all of Gretchen's Multiple Career Personalities: Child Psychologist, Real Estate Mogul, Makeup Chemist (when I - I mean, we designed...), handbag designer (I brought the proof...), un-married housewife, rock star, and if you've seen Gr-RETCH-in's website - an advice aficionado, tan-ist, dog t-designer, fitness guru, and soon to be home fashions and clothing designer, or maybe she's just coming out of the closet... it's difficult to discern among all the Fabulous, Fabulous Me propaganda.

One thing about Gretchen, she doesn't miss a thing to capitalize on, from dead boyfriends to deadbeats and anything in between that might make a sale. Stay tuned: I sense a 'Gretchen Cares' charity opportunity blurb making its way onto her crowded site...

Alexis' clothing line is incredible, (but with her body, even shower curtains look couture - I mean rich), and with or without the sleeves, that scene was forever memorable. While I agree wholeheartedly with Jim's decision to not be the sacrificial punching bag, (Am I the only woman who likes Jim and finds him attractive? And I am NOT a drinker), he's got to know by now that Alexis needs adult supervision at all times! She can't be allowed out there by herself for very long periods of time, she's going to hurt herself and take others with her.

So except for a few entertaining clips here and there through the season, I found myself really captivated (finally) by the story lines passed over and relegated to the Lost Footage.

Tamra's son had surgery? Had boob lumps? Possibly cancer? Had a steroid addiction? Is afraid of needles with all those tattoos?

Tamra's first husband - Bring him in here!! We want to talk to him!!

He seemed really interesting and that couple combination intrigues me...

I finally realized what had been missing all season when the fight between Gretchen and Lynne aired. Who knew how much I had genuinely grown to love that Whack Attack - and her husband, too. If they never show either daughter again I would be content, but please bring her back.

She is definitely interesting - who else would go on vacation, heavily medicated, during a facelift recovery. A breast enhancement - OK! That's one thing...

The skirmish story line between Lynne and Gretchen was more engrossing than any of the other bitch-fests, except for maybe the iCopy Peggy drama.

Is it me, or how did Bravo miss this?

Put your little bitch-bite in the comment box below:

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