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Remembering Television Comedy From The 1960s
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The 1960's were a time of great change, in the United States.

An increase in births after World War 2, created 70 million teenagers, by the time 1960 arrived.

These teenagers were eager to embrace life in a new way.

The general consensus was to break free from the conservative past. The desire for change created somewhat of a " revolution," as the Beatles put it.

Television was not immune to the sweeping changes going on in American life. A lot of people, for instance, had a theory that people from other planets, would soon invade Earth. The television show, "My Favorite Martian" came about, because of this.

The show starts with an extraterrestrial, arriving from Mars. The Martian lands his spaceship on earth, because the ship is having mechanical difficulties. He strangely looks human.

Tim O'Hara, a newspaper man from the local Los Angeles paper, witnesses the ship's landing. Tim takes the Martian, as his roommate. He is afraid the Martian will create havoc, if anyone finds out who he is. The human looking Martian receives the name Uncle Martin.

Tim agrees to not tell anyone about Uncle Martin's identity. The Martian's time is spent in trying to repair his spaceship, but he is getting no where fast.

The facial expressions of Tim and his make believe uncle, were very funny. Especially, as they tried to decide if people were on to them.

They were afraid, that someone would notice, Uncle Martin's unique powers. He could raise 2 antennae and suddenly disappear from sight. He could read minds, spin objects in the air, and communicate with animals. His powers, and situations that happened because of them, created some very funny television.

Another show, 'The Munsters" was about a family, who looked a lot like The McAdams Family, of current Broadway- theatre fame. The name McAdams is the same in both cases.

They present themselves as a perfectly normal family, who just happened to have very oddball experiences. The dialogue was extremely funny. Their daily rountines were outragious.

"The Andy Griffith Show," takes place in a small town called Mayberry. Andy Griffith is the local sheriff. The deputy's name is Barney. He is forever getting himself into funny situations, as he tries to keep peace in town.

Aunt Bea, tries to bring some common sense into Barney's numerous adventures, without much success. The shows were very humerous.

"The Beverly Hillbillies," tells the story of rural folk who become millionaires overnight. They move to Beverly Hills, California and find a big house, otherwise known as a mansion, next door, to a banker.

The banker is constantly trying to take, the family named Clampett, under his wing. Their sudden windfall of millions of dollars, and their adventures with the money, makes for a funny story line.

It really nice to remember all these great shows. Take some time if you get the opportunity, to check these ,shows of yesteryear out. You'll be glad you did.

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I remember all of these. Wish there were more wholesome family shows on now.

  about 1 decade ago
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