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The War Between Dogs And Mail Carriers
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The War Between Dogs And Mail Carriers

When I was a kid I had a lot of pets. 5 dogs to be exact. It was funny to see the mail carrier come every afternoon and jump the shrubs to get to the mailbox as soon as possible.

I thought that surely it's just that my dogs don't like strange people. With more observation I realized that other strangers could come on our property and everything was fine. Sure, they would bark, but they didn't go into a wild fit like they did when the mail person would drop by.

Seems to be a war between dogs and mail carriers

Today, I was outside and the mail truck drove by (didn't even stop) and the neighbor's dog goes crazy! Barking and howling. It made me think about those days when I was a kid.

I've noticed since moving to another state that the mail carriers are armed with pepper spray for the poor pups and the "pups" are armed with teeth and claws.

I'm not sure what it is about mail carriers that sets the poor pooches off, but I have to say that it's something that has always baffled me.

Mail Carriers, Unite!

My boyfriend is a vending route driver and services several post offices and on the occasions that I've gone with him I hear stories about certain dogs at certain addresses that always give the postal workers a run for the mailbox (literally).

They all agree that running isn't the best idea because it's just a general rule when dealing with animals in general, but they have decided not to take their chances at relying soley on pepper spray.

I often hear them coming up with methods to get around the dogs or sneaking past them somehow (good luck with that because animals have amazing senses) without causing all the stress.

The postal workers are all comparing their notes and experiences and working together. At least we now know that the grumpiness we sometimes experience with postal workers has nothing to do with us. It had everything to do with the dog down the street.

Pups Unite

As the postal workers figure out how to defend themselves, the neighborhood "watchpups" communicate with each other (by barking loudly) and determine the best ways to defend their property from the imposters that smell like stamps and paper.

"Get ready! I smell a truck!" One pup barks. That's when it starts. They sit under their trees and shrubs and behind cars waiting for the postal workers to enter.

They watch as the postal worker places their hand on their pepper spray and looks around wearily.

The attack is on.

This is definitely the way things seem to be when it comes to postal workers and dogs. What gives?

What's the reason behind all of this?

Who knows. All I know is even cats feel lucky when it comes to the war between mail carriers and dogs.

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