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Best rifle scope

I realize that it is not easy to decide what the best rifle scope is, because this will depend on the kind of shooting you do. The one I might consider being the best, might not suite your kind of shooting. That is why this is my personal opinion.

Let us get right to the subject of this article. The best rifle scope is the Burris Eliminator, and I will tell you why I think this is the best one available.

The main purpose of a scope is to make it possible for us, to see and shoot a target at a larger distance. It is pretty easy to hit a target on a distance of 20 or 30 yards. But when we are talking 200 or 300 yard or even more, we enter a new arena. Although we could make a shot at this distance it will not be an ethical shot.

A brief description of what an ethical shot is. An ethical shot is a shot that you make and it will hit your target exactly where you where planning on hitting it.

Using the Burris eliminator eliminates a few things that you will never have to worry about anymore. No more handheld range finders No more estimating or guessing about the hold over No more worrying about aiming errors with the illuminated 1/3 moa dot on your cross hair No more loosing time to use other devices No more missing life time trophy's because of no confidence

There are 2 features that make the Burris eliminator to the best rifle scope. The 800 yard laser range The software to calculate the bullet drop

Hold over and bullet drop. When you fire your shot and the bullets leaves the barrel it will not go in a straight line to you target. The gravity will start pulling it down to the ground, and how much further away your target is the more height it will loose. This is what you have to compensate while aiming at your target. There are tables and charts available with all the information on how much higher you have to aim with the used ammunition.

This is what the Burris eliminator does for you.

  • It will measure the distance to your target
  • It will calculate how much higher you have to aim
  • It will illuminate a red dot on you cross hair

This is what you have to do.

  • Aim
  • adjust your aim to the illuminated dot
  • pull the trigger

This is really all there is to it when you use the Burris Eliminator. After you do the initial sighting like you have to do with every scope, you open the easy to use software. All you have to do is enter the 3 numbers that match your used cartridge and even all this information is provided.

Using the Burris eliminator alone will not make you a better shooter. But by providing you with all the ease of use it will make you more confident about your shooting. This will effect your shooting in the long run. With more confident you will be able to make shots that you would not think of making before you started using the Burris eliminator.

Another feature is the remote activating switch. This switch can be attached near the scope. This means that you will no longer have to take your eyes of your target. Press the button and the range finder will start to work and in a split second it will tell you. The exact distance and the exact place to aim.

All the features that come with the Burris Eliminator makes it to the best rifle scope. Although there is a price tag connected to all this, I think it is worth every penny. The pleasure of making perfect shots and coming home with new trophy's makes it worth the investment. Remember that it will make your shooting so much easier for years and years.

Have you ever noticed that some people will spend a lot of money on fashion things like camouflage jackets, thermo socks, a nice pair of gloves and much more. Of course you have to dress warm and protect your self from the elements, but I prefer to spend my money on things that can make my hunting trip more successful. The Burris eliminator can make your hunting trip or day at the shooting range so much more relaxed. No more worrying about all kind of annoying things, but just focus on you aiming and shooting.

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