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The Main Reasons You Should Drive An Electric Vehicle - They're Not What You Think
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For years we have been promised cheap practical electric cars. However they never quite seemed to materialize, that is until now. Apart from the obvious cost saving advantages, in this article I hope to highlight the main reasons you should drive an electric vehicle.

The oldest type of car:

Not many people realize that there were electric vehicles around before fossil fuel powered ones. The first 'electric carriage' was built around 1840. All through history vehicles powered by electricity have been available. They have always been vastly outnumbered by diesel and petrol versions however. At one time it was in fact cheaper to power them this way.

High tech:

The modern electric vehicle (EV) is highly technologically advanced. They have a useful range between charges, and can travel at highway speeds. Plus their power plants are clean, and virtually maintenance free. The engines in oil burning cars are still very dirty and need regular servicing, including repairs from their many moving parts waring out, and frequent oil, air filter, and fluid changes.

Waste of precious resources:

The faster we can reduce our consumption of oil the better. Our dwindling supply of fossil fuel can be used for better uses than just burning it in our cars. Plus we reduce the harmful gases we pump into our environment.

Even the dirtiest electricity is cleaner than oil:

Many argue that the electric we produce is still quite dirty, as much of it is produced by coal and gas fired power stations. However imagine if you could fuel your car by connecting it to your own wind or solar power plant, as will be the case in increasing number of homes in the future. Plus all our generating methods are bound to get cleaner, whereas if you use oil there is no way you can make it less environmentally damaging.

The main reasons you should drive an electric vehicle are much more than reducing your motoring costs. It also helps to preserve our planet. We all should try to do this, as its the only planet we have.

You can drive an electric vehicle for minimal cost. Did you know you can convert your existing car to electric? Find the most comprehensive,and easy to follow, electric car conversion plans, by reading our how to build an electric car guide at

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