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Diet Modification Versus Dieting
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Diet Modification Versus Dieting

It is not uncommon to hear people saying that they are about to go on a diet either to ameliorate health conditions or perhaps to lose weight for a particular occasion. Weight loss for health purposes is serious and requires the utmost effort on the part of the individual to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Similarly, should we find ourselves in a predicament where we need to lose weight for an occasion chances are we are over indulging and should make every effort to control our eating habits.

More and more, it is being shown that dieting may be the antithesis of losing weight. Anecdotally, many persons are discovering that diets do not produce predicted outcomes and often time serious dieters find that after the diet is over they may get heavier than they were originally. This suggests that perhaps a new approach is necessary if we are to more effectively control our weight.

Psychologically the word DIET denotes that we are about to restrict our consumption of food in some form or fashion. Immediately the brain assumes that because food is going to be restricted it must take action to safeguard the body and contrary to what we believe, during dieting, the brain works harder to turn food into fat and conserve energy. This natural action on the part of the brain diminishes the impact of our diet and maybe even rendering it useless. As a result of this, I prefer to recommend modifying our eating habit rather than dieting for persons who wish to lose weight.

Diet Modification means that you become more involved in what and when we eat for life. What and when you eat will depend on your health or weight goals. Many foods have been cataloged based on their nutritional value and potential health benefits. With the assistance of a qualified dietitian, appropriate meal plans can be developed to meet the needs of persons who wish to lose weight or safeguard their health. These meals can then be adopted as part of the individual’s lifestyle and not as a specialized diet. Eating sensible meals continuously ought to help in producing the desired weight and or health goals.

Please be advised however that unlike fad diet that promise magic weight loss over seven or ten days, diet modification works over extended periods but the impact stays with you for a life time. If you are contemplating going on a diet you have already taken the first step towards diet modification but let’s not think of it as a short term diet, instead let’s accept it as a change in lifestyle. Eating sensibly for the rest of our lives will help to ensure a life time of good health, free from the ravages of menaces like high blood pressure and diabetes.

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