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Five Thousand Meals Of Fish
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Five Thousand Meals Of Fish

One of Jesus’ most famous miracle happened on the Sea of Galilee where He took just five loaves of bread and two small fishes and fed a crowd of more than five thousand people who had come to hear Him teach. The choice of fish is significant here because aside from its nutritional value, eating fish or some derivative of fish have been associated with maintaining good health.

In recent years, it has been established that the body needs a good supply of omega 3 fatty acids to protect it from the ravages of a wide variety of diseases especially coronary heart disease. Fish, particularly certain cold water fish are rich sources of omega 3.

It is believed that over time and as a result of our diet and lifestyle, our bodies build up high levels of plaque and other destructive materials in the circulatory system. These substances may lead to hypertension, stroke and other coronary health problems. Interestingly, people who live in cultures where the consumption of fish is high are less inclined to develop these ailments than persons in other cultures.

Many studies have shown that when fish is a significant part of our daily diet, the impact of common ailments such as hypertension is diminished. In some cases, persons find that the need for medication may be eliminated when they shift to a fish-based diet. In one study researchers found that hypertensive patients were able to significantly lower their blood pressure by simply adding a few weekly servings of mackerel to their diet.

These results are likely due to the fact that the oil contained in fish, omega 3 fatty acids, benefits the body in many ways. Some of us may remember our parents making us take that bad tasting cod liver oil every morning and couldn’t figure out why they had to punish us in that way. Well, I’m not sure that even they knew why they made us take it other than, for some reason, they thought it was good for our health. As it turns out, they were correct. It has now been established that fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids, benefits the body in many ways including reducing plaque in the arteries, lowering LDL blood cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood triglycerides and reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The message here is clear, if they are not already doing so, people with high blood pressure should seriously consider adding fish to their diet. Diets with regular servings of fish have been known to protect the body against many common diseases including hypertension. Heck, in some cases people have seen significant decreases in blood pressure levels once fish was added to their diet. Fish can be a potent natural ally in the fight against hypertension. Follow the example of Jesus and make fish a part of your diet always.

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I am addicted to fish, lol. I can eat it just about any way it can be cooked. Nice article Des

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