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High Blood Pressure - Have You Been Given The Correct Diagnosis?
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Many doctors diagnose people with hypertension even though they have normal blood pressure. Physicians do this all the time to people who are perfectly healthy. In Britain, doctors have recently been advised on using a method that is more accurate before diagnosing patients with elevated blood pressure or hypertension.

Blood pressure changes all the time. It depends on what activities you are engaged in or how stressed you are. Your pressure will rise with physical activity, emotional stress, and the use of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Even something as simple as talking to another person can raise it.

Only when you feel under physical stress or emotional pressure should your blood pressure be taken. You should have been resting for at least 5 minutes and you shouldn't be moving or talking during the reading.

You should avoid all caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee for at least several hours before the reading and you should avoid smoking for at least half an hour.

If you suffer with white coat hypertension, meaning that you get very nervous at the very thought of this procedure, then reading will be inaccurate and meaningless.

For the most accurate reading, several should be taken over a period of time before any diagnosis is made.

You might think that no doctor would make a diagnosis of hypertension unless they was certain.

But this isn't the case. Medical researchers have found that over 20 percent of people diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure did not in fact have hypertension at all.

They discovered this by putting patients on a computerised devise called an ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM). This is worn continuously for up to 24 hours. Every 15 to 30 minutes it takes reading automatically and keeps a record of the findings. In this way it is possible to get a much truer picture of a person's blood pressure.

The BBC reported in March, 2011 that doctors are responsible for over a third of stubborn high blood pressure. In other words these patients in reality were suffering from white coat hypertension.

It is not a good idea to accept a diagnosis of hypertension, especially if is bordelin without an ABPM. This is particularly the case if it means a prescription for medication.

In fact in August, 2011 doctors in England and Wales were advised by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to move towards "ambulatory" monitoring because of the numbers of patients being misdiagnosed.

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