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Lowering Triglycerides Without Drugs
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Lowering Triglycerides Without Drugs

Triglycerides are substances found in the blood typically generated by the presence of excess calories following a meal. Excess calories are stored in containers known as triglycerides and are released when the body attains a level of famine generally between meals and especially as the body attempts to recover from a heavy work load. However, if famine is never or hardly achieved, the amount of triglycerides in the blood increases to unsustainable levels creating conditions for a plethora of health problems.

Hypertension, diabetes, obesity and coronary diseases are among some of the complications associated with high triglycerides levels. While these afflictions are not uncommon, it has long been believed that the majority of cases could be avoided and one of the ways to avoid them is by ensuring that triglycerides are maintained within acceptable levels. Typically a reading of 150 milligram per deciliter or lower is preferred. Readings above 200 milligram per deciliter in particular should trigger stringent remedial responses. In many cases just a few small changes in diet and or lifestyle would be sufficient to bring triglycerides levels back within the acceptable range.

To truly understand how to treat high triglycerides we must first understand what causes elevated levels in the first place. Among the foremost causes of high triglycerides is poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles. It has been documented that diets high in animal fats, sugar and carbohydrates are most common among people with high triglycerides. These poisonous diets in combination with daily habits of smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, unrestrained eating and inactivity are known to create the ideal conditions for high triglycerides. What can be done then to lower high triglycerides? The answer is clear. The first thing is to watch what you put in your mouth.

1. Get rid of the bad fats in your diet usually found in animal meats and replace them with good fats found in nuts, coconut oil and olive oil.

2. The sweet tooth must go. All types of sugar are bad. If you must eat something sweet, try a natural sweetener like stevia.

3. Dump the refined carbohydrates like rice and bread in favor of good carbohydrates. Try vegetables, fruits and whole grain products.

4. Eat less frequently and allow your body to use up the stored energy by increasing your daily physical activities.

5. Stay away from alcohol. If you must drink, two glasses of red wine a day is recommended.

6. Do not smoke. Smoking has no nutritional value but its impact on the body is severely damaging.

7. Exercise, exercise, exercise. The more you exercise the better you feel and health benefits are enormous.

Follow these simple dietary and lifestyle habits and you should observe a marked difference in the level of your triglycerides. Ask your healthcare practitioner, or search the Internet for healthy diets and beneficial exercise routines.

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