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Natural Remedy To Varicose Veins
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Natural Remedy To Varicose Veins

This is a condition characterized by enlarged, twisted veins that are bluish purple in color. Blood vessels have valves that prevent the back flow of blood. When the valves become weakened or malfunction they allow blood to flow backwards leading to engorgement of the veins. It is a lot more common in superficial veins in our legs because of the pressure exerted. If the state gets to an extreme level the veins burst and may take long to heal. The features that trigger the disease are:

  • Aging
  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time as this increases pressure on veins
  • Hormonal changes in women especially during menopause and pregnancy
  • Chronic constipation
  • Genetics
  • Overweight which increases pressure on veins
  • Other diseases related to veins such as thrombosis

Varicose veins are very ugly to look at and can make one to have low esteem. If you get varicose seek help immediately. If you do not want to undergo a surgical operation, there is another way out. A simple treatment that is much cheaper and effective is the natural treatment. The following is a general overview of some of the natural remedies available at the moment:

Use massaging oil - This oils are available and very suitable for our legs. Careful massaging of the affected areas and the surrounding regions is vital. This would help straighten the veins and increase blood flow.

Horse chestnut extracts - It is an extract used to manufacture products that are safe and have less side effects. One applies them as per the instructions issued by the manufactures.

Garlic - If used efficiently it lowers the blood pressure thus decreasing the force exerted on the veins. If blood flows at a normal pace, then chances of the valves weakening are rare since they are not overworked.

Grape seed and pine bank extracts - Is known to strengthen the connective tissues of the blood vessels and reduce inflammation. It aims at relieving the pain that varicose is likely to inflict on them.

Reflexion - Is mainly practiced to prevent our feet from swelling, and done under supervision as a precautionary measure as it is not suitable for some people.

Butcher's broom - This remedy strengthens collagen in blood vessel walls and improves blood circulation. When the circulation problem is well taken care of, possibility of blood flowing backwards and collecting in veins is rare.

In addition, one may wear elastic stockings, exercise and elevate legs during the treatment to hasten the healing process.

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