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Obama Care: Cutting The Cost Of Healthcare
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Obama Care: Cutting the Cost Of Healthcare

I am amazed at the number of persons who say they are against the President’s Healthcare Bill without having the slightest idea of what the Bill is designed to do. In fact, it is often the case that people who say they are against this program find themselves agreeing with those parts of the Bill that impact them directly. This speaks to the fact that many persons, especially those who oppose it from the get go, have not read the Bill and even more importantly, they appear to lack a basic understanding of the intent of the Bill.

There is no secret that illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic proportions across the length and breathe of the United States. But at the same time very little has been done to keep up with the cost of treating these, what have now become chronic ailments; a risky predicament that has the healthcare system teetering under the weight of huge financial stresses. So much so that many local systems have been forced to downsize and cut back their services to the bare minimum. Obama Care aims to remedy this situation and bring some relief to individuals who may eventually be excluded from proper healthcare economically.

While Obama Care is designed to help reduce the cost of healthcare, it is only one side of the coin, the other side is YOU. What can you do on a personal level to help put a dent in the cost of healthcare? The short answer to this question is, YOU can do a lot. You see, you have the power right now to prevent chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. All of these diseases are partly if not entirely based on diet and lifestyle. Ergo, you have the power to prevent them just be taking control of what you eat, drink and do daily.

This is not a new message but it’s worth repeating because some people still haven’t gotten it. Listen, just about everybody knows that high salt diets tend to lead to hypertension while diets with excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates are open invitations for diabetes and obesity. So by simply modifying what we eat we can begin to reduce the incidence of these chronic ailments and thereby keep the cost of healthcare low.

Obama Care may help to reduce the cost of healthcare in the long run, but whatever savings is realized may be negated unless we take personal responsibility for our own health. There are things you can do right now to take charge of your health. Why not take that first step. The power is yours – use it.

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