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Save Yourself And Others From These Salad Dressings
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Save Yourself And Others From These Salad Dressings

The evidence is increasing daily with respect to the relationship between the food we eat and the incidence of various chronic illnesses. It is very well established that people who suffer from diseases like hypertension tend to consume an inordinate amount foods rich in salt, sugar and animal fat. On the other hand persons whose diet consists of more plant based meals show a reduced propensity to developing these chronic illnesses. Needless to say, efforts have intensified to convince as many people as possible to modify their diets and bring their eating habits in line with more healthy recommendations.

Some measure of success is being met in this regard and a large number of persons are modifying their diets to include more plant based foods. But it should be pointed out that as this shift in dietary habits takes hold, we must be mindful of various hidden pitfalls associated with certain recommended foods. Case in point, even though salads are highly recommended, most if not all store-bought salad dressings can actually have a negative impact on your health. In fact, I strongly recommend that you stay away from commercially produced salad dressings because of the following reasons:

1. Most are prepared with cheap oil, loaded with trans-fat which is known to wreak havoc on the circulatory system.

2. Commercially prepared dressings are jam-packed with sugar or worst yet high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is lethal and damages the body from top to bottom. Moreover, it sets you up for obesity, insulin insensitivity and diabetes.

3. So called low calorie dressings are sweetened with artificial sugar substitutes. These products have problems of their own and despite the fact that they are marketed as safe and ideal for persons on weight loss or weight maintenance programs, you wouldn’t see any improvement in your weight using this crap. Actually, based on the damage they can potentially do to your health you may be better off sticking with your regular salad dressing.

4. Obviously you know that all store-bought salad dressings are filled with preservatives and artificial colors. Based on all we know, there’s no way these dressings can be good for you and they aren’t. So stay the heck away from them.

I know you are trying to eat healthy, but don’t sabotage your effort with unhealthy salad dressings. This is exactly what you are doing if you continue to consume commercially prepared salad dressings. Save yourself and others by preparing your own dressing. It is not difficult and it’s the healthy way to go. Do you know that olive oil is an excellent dressing; and it’s even tastier when you combine it with other healthy ingredients. So go ahead, have a healthy bowl of salad today with your own safe, healthy, home-made salad dressing.

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