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Should The Government Lockup Free Radicals?
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No doubt you would answer yes to this question. The Government should lockup free radicals. After all they are menaces to society and one of the government’s primary jobs is to protect society from all threats and dangers; right? But hold on, not so fast. While I know that free radicals sounds like a bad thing, in fact, from a purely biological prospective, free radicals are highly beneficial to the overall health state of the body.

Free radicals make up a part of the body’s defense mechanism. When strange external substances like viruses enter the body, free radicals create an army of cells that focus on destroying these invaders. In so doing the body is able to protect itself against whatever damage the bacteria laden cells might cause. So in terms of whether the government should lockup these free radicals, the answer is absolutely no. Free radicals are essential to protecting the body against the many external threats it comes up against on a daily basis.

Now there are some free radicals that should not only be locked up, but I dare say destroyed. They are those free radicals that become so overly zealous in doing their job that in addition to fighting viruses and bacteria, they damage and destroy healthy cells. These overly zealous free radicals are referred to as rogue cells and their propensity to attack and destroy healthy cells often leads to devastating health conditions like immune deficiency and cancer. Other than genetic predisposition, environmental conditions like heavy pollution, instability, tragedy, and persistent feelings of insecurity are all contributors to the creation of these rogue cells.

Should the government lockup free radicals? In cases where free radicals have lost their purpose I would answer yes to this question. Because not only have the rogue cells been deterred from their original purpose but their very existence is detrimental to the survival and proper functioning of the good free radicals. So if we wish to promote good health let’s lockup and destroy all of those rogue buggers. Of course the body has its own built in defense to deal with malfunctioning cells called antioxidants. When rogue cells are present in the body antioxidants are sent out to capture and destroy them. However if your antioxidant count is low they may be overpowered by the variant cells. That’s one of the reasons why it’s always good to boost your antioxidant level through a balanced diet and when necessary antioxidant supplements.

Free radicals are necessary for the overall good health of the human body but when conditions are such that these cells become delinquent efforts must be made to protect the body. Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against these rogue cells. They are found in high supply when we eat right or subscribe to certain supplements. It has been argued that antioxidants may also be beneficial in treating common ailments like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Reducing the incidence of common ailments is advantageous at both the individual and the governmental level. So for our own health and for the health of the country, let’s ask the government to help the good free radical stay free and to make every effort to help us destroy all those rogue invaders.

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