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Super Foods For Memorial Day Menu
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I know that on this Memorial Day you are probably out to score some juicy burgers and a few tantalizing hot dogs and other goodies like chicken and ribs, well because that’s the thing to do. The grill is ready and set to go and after that, you know what happens. They cook ’em, you eat ‘em and you wash ‘em down with your favorite beverage. As far as you know, that’s the way it has always been so that’s just the way it’s going to unfold – plenty cooking, plenty eating and of course plenty drinking. But, remember, back in the day we knew very little about the dangers of certain types of food. As far as we were concerned food was food, however we now know that certain foods expose the body to a plethora of illnesses; ranging from the common cold to maladies as serious as cancer.

On this Memorial Day, you should make every effort to ensure that you are not risking your health by consuming foods that could put you in jeopardy. Instead of the regular assortment of burgers and hotdogs here are some healthy super foods you can include on your menu:

Fish: Toss some nice juicy slabs of salmon or any other fish on the grill and eat to your heart (no pun intended) content. Fish is a excellent food for the heart and circulatory. Regular servings of fish are known to keep cholesterol low and the help to boost the immune system.

Vegetables: Prepare these your favorite way and have yourself a heaping serving. Vegetables are high in fiber and they are excellent sources of antioxidants and vitamins.

Potatoes: Potatoes are not generally thought of as super foods, but I beg to differ; potatoes are rich in potassium and antioxidants. You should limit your serving though because they are high in calories.

Green Salad: Green salads provide all the nutrients your body needs while at the same time keeping calories low. Go ahead, eat as much as you want, they are rich with vitamins and antioxidants.

Breast of Chicken: A good choice for meat lovers. Grill it and chop it up for your salad or eat a small serving to get all the protein you need to build muscles and cells.

Fat Free Yogurt: Instead of ice-cream serve fat free yogurt. Fat free yogurt is great for the digestive system and it is quite low in calorie.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day. Include these super foods in your Memorial Day menu and after that incorporate them in your daily diet from now on. Your body will be glad you did especially since these foods will help to prevent the development of common ailments like diabetes and hypertension.

Street Talk

Thanks, Des...I eat all those food you said ...healthy food that we need to consume daily instead of all those fatty and sugary food. But still need to take food supplement. Good article!

  about 6 years ago

Hi Divine, Many thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you are already in the habit of eating healthy. Enjoy the holiday!

  about 6 years ago
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