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The Impact Of The Retiring Generation On The Healthcare System
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The Influence of Baby Boomers on the HealthCare System

First, let us define the term "Baby Boomers". This includes all those constituence of the largest population of birthrates beginning with post World War II; circa post 1947. We, (myself included) were products of the most affluent middleclass the nation had known. We were the best educated, healthest, entrepenureal with and economy was about to switch from the Gold Standard, and the national budget was in the black.

"Be all you can be" and "If it feels good do it", were one and the same. So now, by 2011, the right to freedom has translated to health conditions that are produced by the self indulgent. And we didn't notice a the change. Now that we are at retirement age, the healthcare system will be forced to deal with the statistics of the largest generation ever to hit welfare, social security, and social healthcare at the hardest hit economics that our generation has known.

The one income family has changed to "everyone must work". The SUV affordable gas prices has switched to fuel affordable alternative vehicles--and that in 10 short years. Remember when there were no credit cards? Remember the birth of the "Free Clinics"?

Now, we, "the generation that would never live long enough to collect social security, so why bother to plan?" are facing "a longer life than our parents ever dreamed" due to technology---and WE DIDN'T PLAN FOR THIS!

Now, please understand. I'm LOL and FOMC as I realize that Strawberry Fields Forever is now up for harvest. Class of '65, Vietnam Generation, Disco is never coming back. And our healthcare system needs help.

On the serious side...A summary in 2001 indicates 53% of office visits arre age 45-64 compared to 42% in '92. Symptoms are high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. 54% of Baby Boomer generation suffer from obesity and high blood pressure. According to a report by CDC one half of Americans age 55-64 high blood pressure. 2005. Article states 40% in that age bracket are obese.

2.5 million potential heart attack risks because of high weight, lack of exercise or refusal to take the blood pressure medication. Sydney Report 5-19 ANI

Access Economist states 75% above age 55 have high blood pressure, hypertension and 25% have diabetes.

Baby Boomer gerneration is now referred to as Generation Risk.

And the biggest OMG about this is, all of these conditions are preventable. Natural Remedies, to supplement the cost of treatment therapy, coupled with diet and exercise.

Now that you have the facts....Next step therapy.

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