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The Senior Health Legacy
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1945 was a Great Year.

Post WWII and the generation that was to produce the largest number of entrepreneurs, millionaires, and service oriented individuals than any other in recorded history was about to take the world stage.

Now that this prestigious group is about to retire (of which I am one)and with all the acquired accolades we have neglected one important thing- our health.

 The "if it feels good do it" generation is now waking up to the effects of personal neglect in diet, exercise, balanced personal life, and moderation.

As a result, the conditions that plague us now are not the war, social injustice, ecology but rather hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes,and obesity.

Since 1992, the statistics indicate that doctors visits have increased from 42% to 56% in 2008 in this age group for stroke, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis.

Effects of Hypertension:  high blood pressure, glaucoma, loss of kidney function, vision impairment

Effects of Diabetes:  organ damage, glaucoma, lack of healing, vision impairment, bleeding gums, poor memory, dry mouth, dryness of skin, dry unhealthy hair, increase in weight due to constant hunger, slow urine stream, loss of sexual drive

Effects of High Cholesterol: stoke, high blood pressure, headaches, poor vision, weight gain

The interesting part of these dynamics is all these are preventable or controllable.

But WE (and I mean myself) must pay attention to the care. The banner adage "Mother Nature Knows Best", may still be true. 

There are documentationsof natural remedies that clearly aid in therapy.

Other countries have used these for generation as an attestment to their validity.

The usual exercise, drink water (I know, I know), plenty of rest, good attitude, proper diet are still posits of good health and that will never change.

But two things are never mentioned. Our generation was characterized  as a group movement. Our unity had a purpose that was monumental and universal. 

Things changed.

Times changed.

But with no one watching it becomes an individual cause not a group cause.

Ergo, we don't care about ourselves as much to motivate us to sacrifice and challenge our personal condition. Passionate as we are, we still need a cause.

Secondly, we could afford our self indulgence. When we ripped off the barrier of social scrutiny we lost our introspection and self awareness. "It is what it is" became the daily mind set.  

And we didn't realize that growing older has its consequences.  But it doesn't have to be arduous.

There are many reputable natural remedies with very few, if any side effects.

Here are a few.  

For Blood pressure, Arisol has a number of supplements as well as meditation techniques for depression (which can make us eat, especially diabetics).  

Diabetes has flaxseed oil (great in wheat bread), apple cider vinegar (great with Greek salad), and alfalfa (wonderful in hero sandwiches).

Weight loss has primrose oil, herbal tea and caffeine for higher metabolism.  

High blood has potassium, garlic, and celery.

Of course a diet rich in vegetables, liquids, and fiber may sound boring but motivation can make anything an adventure.

Consider, in the health care system we are 70 million in number.  World wide we are 1 billion.  The health care technology can keep us living years longer than ever before.

Do you see the long term ramifications in monetary, social, and quality of life.

Let use this to our advantage and not let it disadvantage us.

Always consult your physician and/or pursue forum discussions on natural health restoration. Let's do this together one more time.  

Why? Because our generation still has one more challenge to perform.

And that is, to go out with as much bluster as we had coming in.

To Class of '65 all the best!

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