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Tricks To Eating Less
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Tricks to Eating Less

One of the big challenges for individuals suffering from high blood pressure is weight control. Excess weight is among some of the leading causes of this affliction which simply means that in most cases we are consuming more calories than the body can efficiently use in an average day. Unfortunately, human behavior is very funny; once we get into a particular habit it becomes very difficult to make subsequent changes. And so, sometimes great efforts are needed in order to bring about even the simplest adjustment in our behavior. Therein lies the problem with weight control and our attempts to moderate the amount of food we eat in order to execute any efficient weight management strategy.

Here you will find some simple strategies that could be employed in managing your daily food consumption levels. They are especially useful for persons who are suffering from health conditions that dictate the need for proper weight management.

1. Drink more water: Water tends to give you a feeling of fullness which helps to reduce the temptation to eat. The general rule of thumb is eight glasses each day, but if you can drink more go ahead. Water has no calories and is needed to carry out all body functions. I’ve seen people carrying around liter bottles of water that they sip from throughout the day. This is a great idea.

2. When you do sit down to eat, eat your meal slowly. Take at least thirty minutes to eat each meal. Eating slowly tells your brain that you are eating a lot and forces it to turn off your motivation to eat signal. Personally, I learned to eat fast as a child so this one was a bit difficult for me.

3. Fill up on that tossed salad before the main course. Salads too give you the feeling of fullness and because lettuce and tomatoes are mainly water they are low in calories. Eat your salad slowly and as much as you can. This will help make it easier for you to consume less of the main meal.

4. Eat small amounts more frequently rather than large amounts less frequently. Eating small sensible snacks throughout the day will help to reduce your cravings for food and at the same time induce your body to burn calories more efficiently.

5. Exercise. Yes exercise. Exercising forces the body to use stored fat. As the body burns this stored fat it tells the brain that it’s okay in terms of its energy needs and takes your focus away from the immediate need to eat.

6. When you eat, place your food on a small plate rather than a large one. Psychologically you perceive that your serving is more than it really is.

7. Divide your plate into three parts. One half for the veggies, a quarter for the carbohydrates and a quarter for the proteins. This keeps the calorie count way down.

8. If you don’t feel full after the main course, get another helping of salad. Do not touch the main course again.

9. Stay away from the dessert. These tend to be sweet and loaded with extra unwanted calories.

10. After dinner walks force your body to use food more efficiently and reduces cravings.

These simple tricks are extremely effective in helping you to eat less. Eating less and eating right help you keep your blood pressure with the normal range and normal blood pressure is essential for good health in general.

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Most of us eat too much/ I like the idea of the smaller plate.

  about 9 years ago

Hi Shawn, thanks again. Glad you found a little something you can use here. Feels like I'm finally getting the hang of the Street Articles format.

  about 9 years ago
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