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Understanding The Relationship Between Triglycerides And Alcohol
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Understanding the Relationship Between Triglycerides And Alcohol

It is well documented that persons who are prone to high levels of triglycerides should take every precaution to keep this health threat under control. Diet in addition to daily habits must be carefully monitored and activities known to exacerbate the condition should be avoided.

Triglycerides levels increase beyond the recommended 150 milligram per deciliter when it becomes necessary to store excess caloric energy for use by the body between meals. Excess energy is store in these fatty molecules in the blood. The body uses these stored calories for energy during periods of fasting. However, continuous storage of this excess energy with little or no release causes the amount of triglycerides in the blood to become dangerously high leading to a condition known as hypertriglyceridemia. Hypertriglyceridemia is a known harbinger of many health problems including obesity, hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

Diet and lifestyle habits are the leading environmental factors involved in elevated triglycerides levels. Foods rich in sugar, simple carbohydrates (e.g. bread and rice) and animal fat are among the leading causes of high triglycerides, but the role of daily lifestyle habits should not be under estimated. Heavy consumption of alcohol in particularly, can seriously compromise any efforts to control triglycerides levels.

Alcohol is loaded with what is referred to as empty calories because for the most part it is jammed packed with sugar and glucose. In fact one cocktail can sometimes contain as much as a thousand calories which, in and of themselves, do absolutely nothing for the body other than create extra work load for the liver. The natural corollary of this increased caloric intake engendered by alcoholic consumption is of course, elevated triglycerides. High alcoholic consumption will lead to increase in triglycerides but additionally alcohol drinkers also tend to be heavy eaters and often times their diets are laden with animal fats, salt and simple carbohydrates. These foods along with high alcohol consumption wreak havoc on the body’s triglycerides level sending it way beyond the recommended 150 milligram per deciliter.

With this in mind, persons who are susceptible to elevated triglycerides level should avoid alcohol consumption. If you must drink consider drinking red wine and not more than one to two drinks per day. This along with keeping a strict eye on your diet and regular visits to your doctor should help you keep your triglycerides level under control.

To better keep track and monitor what you eat and drink it is a good idea to keep a daily diary. In this way you will be able to take a critical look at your daily eating and drinking habits and make the necessary adjustments where necessary.

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