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Understanding Triglycerides And Hypertension
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Understanding Triglycerides And Hypertension

There are some common misconceptions with respect to triglycerides and cholesterol and the role they play in the day-to-day functioning of the human body. While both triglycerides and cholesterol are fat-based deposits (lipids) found in the blood they function in totally different ways. The essential function of cholesterol is to build and maintain cells, whereas triglycerides can best be described as storage vessels for excess calories. When the body receives more calories than it needs at any moment in time it stores the unused calories for use at a later time, i.e. in between meals. Between meals the stored calories are released, ensuring a steady supply of energy. However, in cases where food intake is frequent and overeating is unrestrained, the ability of the body to control triglycerides levels and release stored-up calories is diminished.

Ideally, triglycerides level should measure less than 150 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Elevated readings beyond 200 mg/dL generally indicate excess levels of triglycerides. Given that this condition could be harmful to the body stringent efforts to bring this level down should be brought into effect. In this regard, triglycerides are similar to cholesterol in that both may lead to complications at high levels.

Because high triglycerides are often associated with other serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, it is important that triglycerides levels are monitored regularly. Your doctor will usually have you complete a fasting blood test to determine your triglycerides level. If the results show elevated levels medication may be prescribed or modification with respect to lifestyle and diet may be recommended. Although medication appear to produce more immediate and pronounced effect on lowering triglycerides, concomitant side effects associated with various medications have led more and more patients to natural treatments for lowering triglycerides.

It goes without saying then that since high triglycerides are primarily the result of stored excess calories an obvious natural remedy would be to limit caloric intake. In addition to controlling food consumption, it is recommended that care be given to what type of food is consumed. Diets low in trans- fat, processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates are said to be best in lowering triglycerides. People who suffer from high triglycerides should also avoid alcohol or consume it only in moderation (not more than two drinks a day). Since red wine seems to have health benefits most health practitioners prefer this as the cocktail of choice.

Of course, if one wants to maximize the impact of the natural approach to lowering triglycerides, add the magic ingredient - exercise. Regardless of the remedy, everything seems to work better with exercise. Exercise adds that extra something that supper charges your medication or your natural remedy. Supper charge your treatment today, add a regimen of exercises to your daily routine.

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