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What Is Your Sugar Index?
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What is Your Sugar Index?

What is your “sugar score”? Truth be told, I don’t know what my “sugar score” is nor do I think there is such a measure, but there should be one given the benefits it would bring to the people of the western world. Just as there is a credit score that speaks to our financial health, there should be a sugar index because the amount of sugar we consume is closely related to our overall well being. People who consume high amounts of refined sugar are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than people who do not. This is especially true when one compares the incidence of various chronic diseases in developed countries versus undeveloped or developing countries.

For example, in a recent worldwide health survey, it was found that Mexico had the highest death rate related to the consumption of sugar whereas Bangladesh had the lowest. The average Mexican consumes about 24 ounces of sugar a day which is extremely high when compared to sugar consumption in places like Bangladesh.

Sugar consumption is generally hidden in many of the beverages we drink such as sodas and juices and added to processed and some fresh foods to enhance their taste. Consuming large amounts of sugar is a death sentence or a lease a life burdened with the ravages of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. You can begin to cast off this burden today. Replace that sugary drink with a fresh fruits or better still a refreshing glass of pure water. Give up processed food for fresh food and forget about the so called sugar substitutes often added to health and sports drinks.

Many people mistakenly believe that as long as you are drinking fruit juices, sports drinks, health drinks and energy drinks, that they are doing the healthy thing, but this is a dangerous misconception that is fueling the rising rates of weight gain, obesity, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and many other unwanted ailments.

These drinks are all Trojan horses, laden with sugar or sugar substitutes, unknowingly or knowingly designed to sell you a life time of agony and stress. Your health is too important to pawn off in this fashion. Take action today and set yourself on a path free from the devastating and destructive calamities of sugar; sail straight pass their treacherous disguises into the safe harbor of good health. Do not let the taste fool you, in the long run sugar can only harm your body and rob you of a life time of health and happiness.

The dangers of sugar should not be under estimated. Sugar is a serious threat to good health and it must not be allowed to destroy our bodies any longer. Let’s take action today. The fight against sugar begins now!

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