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Fraudulent Charges On Debit Card? Find Out What To Do
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Fraudulent Charges On Debit Card? Find Out What To Do

Fraudulent Charges On Debit Card

Due to the economic crisis and rising unemployment, there are many people who are now experiencing identity theft. Seeing fraudulent charges on debit cards is a growing problem, and there are times that victims will not notice this until their funds are totally gone.

Credit card companies and banks are doing all their best to fight this unfair practice, but it's not that easy to find all those criminals. They are all over the world. People can go straight to your mailbox to steal your debit card bills, online hackers are actively searching for ways to get financial data, servers at restaurants are stealing card information, and the worst part, even your actual ATM machine can be hacked to become your worst nightmare.

What Should I Do To Avoid Fraudulent Charges On My Debit Card?

Keep track of your monthly statements all the time. You don't have to wait for your monthly statement to check your transaction, you can generally view everything online immediately. This will give you the opportunity to find any unexpected charges on your debit card so you can clear it with your bank right away. Most banks are even willing to credit you the missing funds, and they will often report those thieves who took your money for you.

It is important to keep your debit card on you at all times to prevent identity theft. If you have some extra cash when eating in a restaurant, just pay your bill in cash instead of using your card. Avoid using your debit card when paying in a gas station, as fraud perpetrated by gas station attendees is on the rise. The more exposure your debit card has, the higher the chance of getting hit by hackers.

Should I Give My Debit Card Number Over the Phone?

Make it a practice not to provide credit or debit card information on the phone to strangers. You don't always know what they plan do with your card information.

Professional identity thieves will often test out your card by making a very small transaction. Next thing you know, you only have $10 in your account. You have to be vigilant in this situation, and make sure to record all your transactions with your debit card.

What Should I Do If I Find Fraudulent Transactions?

If, for any reason, you encounter any charge on your card that looks fishy, call your bank right away and put a stop payment on your debit or credit card immediately. Once you report this situation to your banking institution, they can monitor any unknown transactions and they can monitor where the charges are coming from. This will give you the opportunity to fight any fraudulent charges.

If you suspect your identity has been stolen, you have to move quickly. The longer criminals have your personal financial informaiton, the more likely it is that they will drain your account.

It is in your best interest to keep an eye on all your transactions to prevent identity theft. If you and your spouse are using two different cards, make sure to inform your spouse once you use your debit card for any type of purchase. If you keep track of everything religiously, it will be harder for you to become a victim.

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