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How To Avoid Identity Theft In Your Business
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How To Avoid Identity Theft In Your Business

In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who were arrested because of identity stealing in restaurants, convenience stores, and other establishments. Although arrests have been made, there are still a ridiculous number of people who do this to increase their personal income. There are plenty of cases where the person who steals another person’s identity works alone, but in many cases, it involves syndicates that work together and trade information. So, it's in your best interest to know how to avoid identity theft in your business as best as possible.

This silent crime is growing at an alarming rate. Classic identity theft involves different methods - from shoulder surfing, to phishing messages online, to people skimming credit card details in restaurants, to stealing your purse or your wallet. The methods are endless and these have all happened before.

Rules of Prevention

So how does one avoid this crime in their own business? There are two basic rules when it comes to identity theft prevention. The first thing to do is to make sure that the personal information of customers are in safe hands.

Business can do a lot of things to prevent identity theft. Restaurants, for example, should screen their service crew, especially those who have access to credit cards of clients. This will prevent credit card skimming and sending that information to syndicates who will of course later on use the credit card details to purchase items.

Businesses should also secure their premises and make sure that no one gets inside the building when the office is closed. Alarm systems are very effective when it comes to stopping criminals from breaking into a shop whether they are planning to steal goods, money or information.

Personal information and business information should always be safe even if you are already throwing them in the trash. This means that if you want to throw away old credit card statements and bills, you should shred all of these papers before you throw them out. There are some people who purposely look for such documents in the garbage and may even trek to the dumpster just to do this. Why do they do this? The answer is simple - because they will make lots of money out of it. In fact, some people are hired by criminal networks just to do this.

Restaurant Owners, Pay Attention!

If you're a restaurant owner, you should seriously consider using wireless credit card terminals for your servers to cash out customers. Many restaurants have had employees either jot down card information or skim the cards using their own handheld card skimmers. Making sure the customer can see the transaction occurring in front of their own eyes is a huge way to avoid identity theft charges directed at your employees.

Be Careful With Financial Documents, Emails, Phone Calls

You should also pay attention to your mailbox or the things you receive in the mail. If you are throwing these bills out, you should make sure that they are shredded so that no one will have access to your company's vital information.Businesses and individuals should also be cautious when answering email messages. There are many scammers out there and they are just waiting for a chance to get to you. Do not answer emails that ask for pertinent information, especially if you have not verified who the person you are talking to is.

Do not believe things at face value because hackers/scammers are very sophisticated with what they do. You should be careful over the phone too. For example, if someone calls your office or home and tells you that he or she is from a certain bank or an insurance company, do not give information right away. Verify that the person you are talking to actually works for the company he or she claims to represent.

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