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Jessica Sesanto Allegedly Stole $50,000 From Grandmother In Identity Theft Case
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Jessica Sesanto Allegedly Stole $50,000 From Grandmother In Identity Theft Case

Jessica Sesanto, a 28-year old woman from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been charged with stealing over $50,000 using her grandmother's identity. Police arrested Sesanto earlier this month and charged her with two felonies: theft and identity theft, facing a total of eight years in prison if convicted.

While Jessica lived with her grandmother for the past decade, she allegedly withdrew money from the grandmother's checking account to the tune of $21,000 to use on her own personal expenses. Additionally, she allegedly applied for and opened four credit card accounts in her grandmothers name, then proceeded to max each of them out for a total of another $30,000 in unauthorized transactions.

A family member was examining the grandmother's financial records after she moved to a nursing home earlier this year. The family member noticed some major discrepancies in the finances and started putting the pieces together. When that person realized what was likely happening, they notified the police.

A detective from the Eau Claire Police Department spoke with the grandmother on October 5th and concluded that she was of sound mind, and she claimed that she never authorized any transactions for Jessica's personal expenses. She had been paying Jessica for housework by check for quite some time, but she never gave her explicit access to her bank accounts.

After investigating the matter directly, the detective determined that Jessica Sesanto had fraudulently initiated at least 70 transactions from the checking account over the past year.

Sesanto told police that she always intended to pay the money back.

During the investigation, Sesanto admitted to the police that she was "addicted to shopping" and spend the money as a means of coping with her addiction. Her own credit is even worse. She has filed bankruptcy twice already and has maxed out plenty of her own credit cards as well.

This is no excuse, however, from stealing from your own grandmother. While the case is still pending, she is currently out of jail on a $25,000 signature bond. She is scheduled to return to court on November 29th to face the charges.

Identity theft is a serious crime with serious ramifications. The mandatory minimum sentence for identity theft according to rules enacted by the United State Congress is two years. But for aggravated identity theft, the sentence can be up to fifteen years. Sesanto is not being charged with aggravated theft at this time.

When grandchildren are stealing money from their elders, it's a harsh reminder that everyone must stay vigilant to protect their identity.

Many people have opted to enlist the help of identity fraud protection services. These servicesmonitor credit reports, financial transactions, and criminal networks which trade identities for profit.

Still, even without the assistance of programs such as these, it's important to constantly monitor financial statements to prevent the fraudulent loss of money before it gets out of hand.

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