Cost Of Royal Wedding In Udaipur By Vcare
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Cost Of Royal Wedding In Udaipur By Vcare

What is Royal Wedding?

Royal wedding is full of Royal rituals and filled with celebration. Generally around thousands of people involved in it. Royal wedding are full of regal culture. In royal wedding you will feel like king and Queen.

All kind of pomp and show will be there for make you feel Royal. For this, wedding planners should be chosen to assist you to fulfillment of your dream of royal & palatial wedding. In your wedding vCare is immense suitable as it is dedicated to do world best arrangements.


Venus is the rudimentary subject for royal weddings because a better place for wedding can cherish the wedding moment. India is well known for destination wedding but in India Udaipur is at the top for destination Royal wedding. Udaipur is Historic place and has many Royal palaces and destinations so this city comes first for Royal and Palatial weddings.

The hotel budget will around Rs. 20,000/- to 30,000/- per Night per Guest. The cost for the palatial weddings in Udaipur is around 45 lakh to 60 lakh for 150 guest with 2 night wedding functions. Depends on your guest list it may vary in crores.

Flower and Wedding D�cor:-

Decoration is completely based on the budget. Now a days in decoration many things comes like backdrops, mandap, tables, chairs and linens, aisle, drapes, candles, props, centerpieces, stage, dance floor, lighting, LED and floral arrangements. It’s totally up to your capabilities that how much you can spend on decoration.


Travel in Udaipur is not so expensive it is moderate only & many times guests pay for it themselves. However it is good gesture to pick up your guests from airport or train station so as to not inconvenience them. A mini bus cost cheaper around 7000-9000 a day and a private cab can cost 2000-3000 a day.

Music and Entertainment:-

A wedding cannot be imagined without Music and Entertainment. In wedding Music gives delight and pleasure. According to your choice prices go up as you want celebrities at your wedding. Otherwise Local folk dancers also perform in wedding and it will cost 40,000-50,000. Too many activities full of entertainment can get involve in your package.

Photographer & Videographer:-

You can expect your wedding photographer cost to run you anywhere between Rs. 50,000-10,0000 depending on the experience of your photographer along with what they're including in your wedding package. Extra shooting time will increase your budget depend on their charges.

Make-up & Mehandi Artists:-

Cost for Professional Make-up, hair dressing, saree draping artists and Mehandi artist for bride and bridal party are involve in wedding package. Whether you can choose regional beautician can be a convenient option otherwise you can hire your trustworthy artist along to Udaipur and arrange food, stay & travel for them.

Banquet arrangement:-

We provide diligent professional food caterers who are good in handling the preparation and serving of food & beverages. We are efficient in offering specific kind of food and catering service for wedding & event according to your need and specification.

Besides this we can assign outside caterers according to your requirements. We have the best chefs that serve their best recipes for the royal, corporate and theme based wedding events managed by us.

We would be glad to interact with you. We are located at:

vCare – the wedding planners

312, Third Floor, Shree Nath Plaza, Hospital Road,

Opp. M. B. Hospital, Chetak Circle,

Udaipur, Rajasthan (India), PIN – 313001

Call Us at:

+91-9602544604, +91-294-5107931

visit our website at vCare the best wedding planners

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