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How To Increase Profit Through Innovation: The Case For Creating Your Own Online Learning Service
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How To Increase Profit Through Innovation: The Case For Creating Your Own Online Learning Service

How do you increase profit through innovation? Sit down and relax! I'm writing to you today to share the case for creating your own online service.

As a small business owner you’ve got expertise. Share that expertise. Use it for creating your own online service.

How? I'll tell you how.


eLearning is a way you can boost your bottom line. What makes it fun is that you can create your own eLearning online while enjoying why you got into your own small business in the first place.

That's right! The stuff you like most.

You'll get a bonus, too! You’ll get to focus on areas in your business where your buyers show their greatest appreciation.

There are lots of ways to create your own online learning service.

3 Ways Include:

(1) One way is by drawing upon the personal touches you most enjoy adding in your business.

(2) Another is by thinking where your best buyers bestow compliments and thanks the most.

(3) A different approach is to map out what your own expertise includes and then research where money’s being spent in the market.

What’s that?

You’ve already got a full plate, you say?

Busy, busy, busy! That’s the situation for small business owners all around the world. But in this case your bottom line will grow more than enough to make up for your absence from your business.

Make the time to overcome your time crunch challenge! Use that time wisely. Specifically: putter around creatively in the area of your business that you like best among the areas your current customers appear to appreciate most.

Why start at that intersection of joy and delight?

4 Reasons Include:

(1) Well, for starters, you’ll have fun.

(2) And for the bottom line, you’ll profit.

(3) Your expertise is solid there, too.

(4) You’ll save time from researching possibilities.

In fact, it’s likely your expertise and enjoyment combined are what’s causing comments from buyers. Go ahead! Turn the intersection of joy and delight into your most profitable corner of your business.

You'll be unleashing the power of the Internet!

4 Startling Facts:

(1) When your expertise becomes widely known you become a go-to person for that expertise. That’s true online as well as in the physical world.

(2) Small business owners have amazing and unlimited potential now via eLearning.

(3) Your online learning service becomes your own product line. That's something you own and get paid for over and over.

(4) You can grow into a bigger additional source of both revenue and profit than you have in total today.

Yes, it takes work!

Creating your own online learning service requires work and incurs costs to set up. As such, doing set up work now takes time away from your business today.

But I saved the best part for last!


When you launch your online learning service, you own your own product line.

Each new buyer of your online learning service creates significantly more profit.

eLearning involves information products. You don’t have to pay more for each copy you sell.


You do have customer support costs to plan for with your new products.

But creating your own online learning service means creating a profit machine that pays you over and over again for your setting it up. That’s the case for creating your own online learning service. That's how you'll increase profit through innovation!

Street Talk

Another one for my favorites pin.

  about 1 decade ago

Shawn, Thank you! How can you turn your own experience into a tiny eLearning product? Solving a problem of some sort. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

You are so wise and so encouraging that a full plate seems so empty. You have my mind in over drive the whole time considering this against that and so on. I just love your articles.

  about 1 decade ago

Rob, You're so kind! Thank you for your encouragement. Look forward to continuing to help. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

Cynthia, You've got me thinking. Maybe this is something I can do :))

  about 1 decade ago

John, Yes! Street Articles has been educating us on the need for visuals. Most people are visual. Not me... so it's great to learn and experiment. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago
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