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Monorail, Monorail, Monorail

There have been some great Simpsons epsodes, one of my personal favourites is when the citizens of Springfield are awarded a sum of money to improve their town. Marge wants to improve the roads, but a wise talking salesman offers the citizens of Springfield an alternative: "Monorail, Monorail, Monorail" Homer becomes the driver and as usual causes a potential catastrophe! What a great episode that is. But the idea of a mass passenger operating system for major cities across the globe using a monorail style operation isn't so far-fetched. One company in particular is pulling out all the stops, (if you excuse the pun) to deliver such a system Maglev Movers.

A PRT Personal Rapid Transit System is a new form of commuter transport which would cut car congestion, carryng passengers in specially designed cars between towns and cities at rapid speed, safely and efficiently. Keeping efficiency in mind and in conjunction with the PRT system Maglev also offer a system called Magnetic Levitation. This is an operation that harnessess waste energy and converts it to electricity, creating extra power through its power plant, guaranteeing reliable and sustainable power and a cleaner environment for the area.

Ths is a considerable advantage to town planners and the like, because it allows them to restructure traffic planning and environmental concerns without a huge investment process, which is good for all concerned. Systems similar to this are in operation in the Middle East and in India where a mass population can be transported without the inevitable congestion of a daily exodus.

Now like the Simpson's 'Monorail Man' where's the catch, as the poor people of Shelbyville found out to their cost. That' s always the crux isn't it, cost? Only in this case the cost is by private funding, all a town or city has to do is pay a licence fee for the operation and guess what you also get a share in the profits too! Maglev Movers are so confident in the project that they believe in most cases a factory could be built in a 90 day framework once planning permission is agreed then 12 months after manufacture and installation can begin.

1. Fast reliable and inexpensive transport system

2. Cheaper electricity\

3. Waste disposal system that converts waste to energy

4. Job creation .

5.Less car accidents lower insurance premiums

6. Cleaner environment

7. Pollution reduced

8. More green areas

9.More money to spend

10. Less petrol and oil consumption

It just sounds too good to be true doesn't it, but worth fndng more about especially if any of the above applies to you and your city. DOH!

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