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nature moves in relation with beauty so the most important factor that bring out beauty among women is there make up, the way she treats her hair style also matters alot actually she gains more respect when she has good hair design or style hence today's article , we shall talk about the sun drying salon , under normal circumstance women change there hair design after a periode of one month or two weeks , this has created high demand for the people who work in the salons , in addition the women have created employment opportunies to people who work in the salons.on the other hand some men have copied women so theyt design there hair style in the some way for example the musicians like liliwane, the football stars like underson, other respensible men go to the barbar for there unick hair cut or style hence they have also reduced the level of unemployment by acting as customers to mens who are self employed in there barbar's shop.

in general before marriage celemony or wedding wife and mids go to salon to plent there hairs before the wedding takes place ,let now see the best working days for salon , most of the wedding take place on weekends hence salons are very busy on weekends

l will now give some cosmetics used in the salons incase you donot have time to visit the salon you can as well treat your hair, make up skin care fragrance bath and body hair care, the ultra sun dry touch faces sun screen lotion spf 80 . l will also give some coments about ultra sun dry touch faces sun screen lotion, l bought this sunscreen specifically fort warped which takes place near the beach but l always end up getting my noseor shoulders burned . please do not apply it on your body it will burn you .its ment for the hair only . please keep away you hair lotion a way from the children .

l will give you the best international sun drying salon l known to begin with ora salon , hair cut ,blow dry ,conditioning treatment and semi permanent colour gloss she is located at 21 garrick street london

incase you are a woman l will direct you to the club of ultra rewards program and learn more about the hair lotion and you can wiun some rewords a nother example is tiscan sun salon , choose the best salon and make the best hair style

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