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Creator Is Profound, And Fun, And Is One Of My Favorite Books
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The idea of top best books is subjective. What is a top best book for me might not be one for you. This goes for just about everything else in life: music, movies, food, etc.

A lot of things we like we don't even know why we like them. We just have a gut feeling about it. I know this often happens when I am reading books. I don’t know why I like it so much until I let it sink in for a few days. Then I can begin to interpreter what I have read on a different level, explaining it through my logic. It is then easier to understand my top best books.

Great books work on many different levels. These books connect with your subconscious, which give the reader more a chance to grow from it. Subjectively you have a feeling something profound is happening when you are reading the book, but you do not know why. These books end up being the top best books.

For some great books like Creator, you can read it now and you will see it in a certain light, if you read it again in ten years you will probably get even more out of it, find different meanings, as you have grown by that time and gained more experience.

Creator is very much like a myth in this way. The top layer has a linear story, but there are layers underneath this that express the true meaning of the top layer, and depending on your level of understanding you get out of the story whatever you can see at that moment in life.

But are there things that we can all agree on in terms of defining top best books? I think there might be..

One is probably entertainment value. Another is originality. Then there are the characters we can relate to, the suspense, descriptiveness, good action, sweet romance, the awesome journey the reader is taken on, the mind bending twists and turns, the climatic ending, the enlightening deeper meanings, the rich language, etc.

There are many reasons to signify the top best books, but one book has it all. Creator is that book in my opinion. Not only does it have deeper meaning it is also very entertaining. There is a lot happening in this book. There are wizards, dragons, warlords, gods, armies, utopia cities, gladiators, monsters, barbarians and cooks.

And it is a wild ride through antiquity, an epic tale full of action and adventure, and romance. Creator has it all. It is very spiritual as well especially when you delve into the deeper meanings.

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