Inspirational Quotes
When I'm feeling down in the dumps and alone, like no one cares, I meditate on inspirational quotes. They gave me motivation…
Letting Go Of Worry Can Help You Grow
When you're working on self improvement, sometimes worries intrude, don't they? You're walking down a path of life…
Finding Inspirational People Or Good Company
Good company is being close to people who bring out the best in us. The Sanskrit language has a beautiful the word…
Time to Focus for 2014
As the end of the year becomes more of a reality, there are so many things that we need to do to make next year great.…
Are You A Giver Or A Taker? 5 Steps to Become
This is one thing I try to ask myself on a daily basis. I want to be a giver, not a taker. Why, you may ask. Well,…
Smile - And the Whole World Smiles With You
Wow !! I have had a really great day ! Filled with eighteen hours of work, which is actually a lot of fun for me. In…
Inspirational Articles (187)
The World is A Crazy Place
The world today moves very fast, don’t stop or it will pass you by or run right over you. You hear on the news about people being killed for one reason or another, people getting taken for everything they have because they believe what ever they were told is true.…
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Plato And Our Selves
Psyche divided by Plato Plato thousands of years ago, when he divided man’s psyche in logikon (rational), thymikon (emotional) and epithymitikon (wishing) he assigned the head as center of logic, the sternum as the center of thymikon and the gut as the center of wishes. He also assigned the philosopher…
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I Believe In Me By Rahn Anthoni
Have you heard the song, "I Believe In Me" by gospel singer Rahn Anthoni? Well, if you truly want to learn how to believe in yourself, just take a listen to this song and you will literally be telling yourself, "I believe in me". You know, when you go through…
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Love And Approve
If you knew you could have most anything simply by affirming it in your mind; would you do it? I became aware of affirmations one day in the late 70’s when a friend drove me on a surprise outing from Huntington Beach to Palm Desert California on a lovely Sunday…
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A Little Story About God And the Hooker
The other day I was praying to God to put me in situations that I can help others. I also had this insight since I was doing limo jobs in the city that even though its kind of grimy and often times I would rather flee quickly when I pass…
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The Internal Energy Management
Internal Energy Management In three easy steps First step Understanding energy in our functional psyche Our Central Nervous System (or Psyche as we may call it for narrative easiness – as in the common compound words “psychiatrist,” “psychology,” etc) is an inner self-controlling system, with specific psyche centers: 1. Conscience…
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The Power Of Acknowledgement
There is a lot going on in the world today—many unhappy people.  And their voices are getting louder.  There are several reasons for this, not just one.  So, how do you solve such an epidemic?  Ask for world peace, oppress a group of individuals so the rest can live happily…no… …
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Authentic Rags to Riches Story.
Recently after surfing the web I learned about this unique rags to riches story. Being into personal development for 14 years now I've seen and heard my share of inspirational stories. Every once in a while though one comes along that sticks out more than the others. Bill Bartmann was…
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Life is Not About Finding Yourself; Life is About Creating Yourself
When we think about our future, we usually start from our past and present. We try to imagine where is possible for us to go, where can lead us the road we are already embarked on. But it seems the life could be different. Doesn’t matter where we are now,…
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I recently had the opportunity to attend Dr John DeMartini’s Breakthrough Experience in Sydney. This was an extraordinary experience as he challenged my concept of reality. He stated that reality is what is realised by the senses but the senses generally do not perceive the whole. They are limited by…
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This One is Just For Fun
I love quotes and I use them often. My oldest daughter tells me she thinks I lecture her with quotes sometimes. Here is a selection of some of the ones I like most. Oh and I put my own twist on some of them. I had to change the language…
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The Key to Happiness
This article is going to be very hard for me to write in a way. Well I don’t think I am unhappy, but I don’t always feel happy. I read a book recently about happiness, and it was very good. It had 50 different ways to feel happier. It was…
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Ladies on the Enterprise Mission
Grey, navy and Black colored pin strip suits - do these product descriptions summarize your functioning wardrobe? Career women sometimes may be restricted to the company clothing they put on, nonetheless, specialist occupation girls still have individuality and good fashion taste, but how can you represent this in the world…
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Is Your Fear Holding You Back?
Hello and good day - I don't know about you but I need help to achieve my goals and change my future! The worst thing you can do is give up or never start - all of us have problems and challenges to say the least. When you give up…
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Please Pass the Knife – I Want to Amputate My Arm
The inspirational story of Aron Ralston. 127 Hours, hand between a “Rock and a Hard Place”, another rock. What now? Simple solution, amputate your own arm with a blunt blade of a utility tool. What's difficult about that? Who's the idiot writing this article? I watched a DVD last night,…
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How to Work Toward Growth
How do you work toward growth? You take action. You build habits. When you do, you'll begin to notice that, like a flower, people grow and bloom -- and that you can, too. Let's look at how to work toward growth. Your self improvement gives results when you take action.…
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When Was The Last Time You Did A Random Act Of Kindness
The silly season is approaching, yes the year has flown by and as I get older and supposedly wiser the years seem to race faster than before. At this time of year Christmas is approaching and thoughts of presents and holidays are first and foremost on our minds. It is…
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Tapping Into Your Genius
Guess what. You are a genius!! You may not have realized it.Perhaps, for most of your life, you were told otherwise. Regardless of what your current position is in life, you are one whether you believe it or not. Not only are you a genius ,but you are a unique…
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Why God When Life Falls Apart?
Inevitably when hell breaks loose as with a broken relationship, we turn to God. There are dozens of questions. Why did God let this happen to us? Why me God? Did we forsake God and this is his payback? Is he testing our faith? Doesn't he care about me? Did…
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Ways Meditation Can Actually Alter Your Brain
Meditation-and-the-brain research has been coming in relentlessly for various years, with new studies turning out pretty much consistently to delineate some new advantage of meditation. On the other hand, some antiquated advantage that is seconds ago being affirmed with fMRI or EEG. The practice seems to have a stunning assortment…
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Six Ways to Refresh Your Resume
Develop a ready-to-go CV Be prepared to move quickly when you see an interesting vacancy advertised. Do your research now into companies that you'd like to work for and make sure you weave in evidence of your qualities or values that align with the potential employer's. Including the right keywords,…
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Bodybuilding Over 70 – The Story Of Ernestine Shepherd
Age is nothing but a number! That is how Ernestine Shepherd motivates those who think they are too old to start something new. “I practice what I preach”, she says. And that is exactly what she does. Ernestine Shepherd is a 75 years old woman who at age 71 decided…
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Laughing Can Make a Difference
The world is so full of problems today. There is no one way to even try and come up with a plan to fix them. We all have our own problems, and to us they are more important then anything that might be going on outside our own world. I…
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How Important Are Your Beliefs, Actions, Results
Hello and good day - How are you doing in your daily life, Is it - your life working for you - the way - you like it too? If not why? If so how? Could your beliefs be hold you back? How important are your beliefs? According to Tony…
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Integrity - Be True To Yourself!
In a world designed to teach you what to buy, how to live, and who to follow, we see individuals everywhere caving into the pressures of what everyone else thinks. This leaves little room for authentic personal expression and strong independent thought. Before we leave the house even what we're…
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Southern Charm: A Gentleman's Journey
It's finally time to begin wrapping all of this together. I'm Joshua Kemp and I'm relatively new to the internet outside of Facebook and shaky camera movie piracy. I'm learning all sorts of amazing things I've kept hidden from like the 4chan or the Urban Dictionary. Boy, have I been…
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Nothing Beats Being YOU !
I was recently having lunch at a friend's place and as usual the talk turned to some of our colleagues at work. One friend was complaining that certain people having an attitude problem at work. One of my friends reacted, saying, that many people have an attitude problem, especially some…
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The Right Nightlife Mindset
The night scene is very common illusory. It captures the very essence of human passion, and makes the soul feel alive when it was dead during the daily monotonous tasks of everyday work life. But what is so different about night as opposed to day.(referring to club life). What is…
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Body Trends
Everyday women are bombarded by images of what is perceived beauty in the United States. It's all over; in film, magazines, on the internet, and all around us. The mainstream fashion industry has made it very apparent they believe beautiful is a size 2 or a 0. Growing up I…
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When I Lost My Friendthe Sign Of A Beautiful Person is That they Always See Beauty In Others
I used to have a friend. A very good friend. Her name was Lindsey and some time ago I received this shocking, saddest news that she passed away. The friendship of Lindsey and I has begun when I was about 15 years old and my family and I moved to…
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I know, this has been written about a lot, and some of what I might say here, would probably be really…
Hayden Panettiere, an actress, singer, and model, talked about overcoming body dysmorphic disorder.…
The age-old adage of “seek and you shall find” is just as true today as it was in the origins…
You are in full control, so just relax and let go. Relax means to be calm and collected. To relax…
As ones life takes it turns, milestones reached, new adventures begin, and a new day comes around,…
Being accepted at home, in society or even at social gatherings or groups is important in every individuals…

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