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A Clearer Road Ahead
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A Clearer Road Ahead

Many of you are back at your daily grind as the festive season slowly fades away and when school reopens the hustle and the bustle will recommence. I want you to seriously look at your road ahead this year made of up 365 days in a clearer tone. I want you to navigate your thoughts along your road in a more defined way.

Each day in your New Year you will have a set of duties to perform. Amongst all the hustle and bustle we need to ensure that all our duties are executed in a more professional manner. In fact tomorrow’s article is called – Professionalism. You have a clear idea by now on exactly what you would like to see change in. These primarily constitute your goals.

What really follows is how we will execute our duties as per our memorandum. If one of your goals is to loose weight then in your memorandum you would need to take action. You cannot simply say I want to loose weight and from the power of your voice shred masses of fat from your body.

Setting goals are coordinated instructions that if followed will give results. The building of a bridge, the passing of a law, graduating, competing in sport, applying for a job, going on a holiday or making friends all require a set of proven instructions that has previously worked. Following these instructions with a few variations will always give rewarding results.

Planting potatoes follows a set of instructions. You cannot change the instructions completely as you will upset the result. Changing the instructions within certain parameters is allowed but generations upon generations will have to be informed so that they can change their instructions too otherwise potatoes may become obsolete or another tuber. To make your dreams come true you have to follow a given set of instructions that has previously worked.

Therefore having a clearer road ahead of you is vital to your overall success. What is a clearer road for you? Do you stick to the old school where no results are given or do you clear old habits and start forming new ones? Many of you already would have started 2013 in a similar fashion like 2012. Your intentions are good and your heart shows a clear liking for change. You instilled good goals in your heart but the daily grind of your day does not allow you to get started.

I want you to look back over the last 12 months and determine what circumstances in those last 12 months caused you to procrastinate? Are you easily distracted? Do you find difficulty in sleeping? Are your eating habits irregular? ALL of these contribute to procrastination. Procrastination is really your number 1 enemy. Procrastination is a feeble excuse to put things off for another day, a week or maybe a year. This is futile and a real waste of valuable time.

Dear Friends, I know in my heart that you want to see change and therefore I want to help you to get to that level of fulfilment. In coming articles I want to look at examples of goal achieving such as buying a car or building a PC. All these duties work if a set of instructions is followed. This makes your road ahead a lot clearer.

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