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Authentic Rags To Riches Story.
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Recently after surfing the web I learned about this unique rags to riches story. Being into personal development for 14 years now I've seen and heard my share of inspirational stories. Every once in a while though one comes along that sticks out more than the others. Bill Bartmann was not new to me. I've heard about his story before, about his poor background and becoming the number 25 wealthiest man in america, a selfmade billionaire.

I got his dvd on "9 steps to achieve any goal". Nothing new to learn I imagined, but i'm a big believer in Tony Robbins' quote "repetition is the mother of skill". Watching this man tell his story, I can honestly say was the single most inspiring thing I've ever seen. Sylvester Stallone's story used to be my number one ( still very inspiring), but this story has taken it's spot.

In short Bill came from a poor family, had moved a lot up to his eleventh birthday. Due to the bad quality of the homes they lived his family had to move a lot. He became homeless after that, even joined a gang, became an alcoholic.

One day being drunk he fell and became paralyzed. Hospitalized for five months the doctor told him he would never walk again. After reclaiming his capacity to walk again, buy not giving in to what the doctors had told him he apllied for an education at a law school, after a lot of hardships with that he managed to go back to school and get a degree. He went on to become a millionaire, but went bankrupt after that........twice. After that though he became a billionaire. WOW!! What an amazing guy!!

Nowadays he is a keynote speaker at many events, (lots of business events) and he has a website where he teaches people how he reached his goal and how they can leverage these economic times we're in to make it financially as he did.

A short preview of the 9 steps to achieving any goal, without spoiling too much mojo..

1 Substitute the word promise for the word goal.

This one single step will have a huge impact on achieving any goal you set. Think about it, it's not just semantics.

When you set a goal, the whole definition of a goal is something you aim for, something you intend or wish to do or achieve. Most goals however are not reached and your brain knows that. So when you set a goal, part of you already knows it might not happen. With promises it's a complete other story. When you promise yourself something, there's no doubt whatsoever that you will keep your promise. When Bill was in the hospital he promised himself he would walk again. Not a goal but a promise. I leave the rest of the 9 steps to Bill or I might publish another article on them.

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Thank you, that one point of using the word promise instead of goal is genius. I like it and thank you for giving me this great advice today.

  about 5 years ago
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