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Everyday women are bombarded by images of what is perceived beauty in the United States. It's all over; in film, magazines, on the internet, and all around us. The mainstream fashion industry has made it very apparent they believe beautiful is a size 2 or a 0. Growing up I really wanted to be that ideal. I went through fashion design school and wanted to go head first into that industry. But when I was there; going to fashion shows, dealing with friends with extreme eating disorders, seeing people use drugs to loose weight, it was a wake-up call. I asked myself, 'do I really want to be around this?!' I loved and love who I am, I think I'm beautiful, I am not a size 0 or 2.

My mind started to travel, searching for answers. I thought 'there has to be, not just a perfect size, but a perfect size for me, you and everyone else out there. Hiding behind that picture of the ideal woman, was the real woman who was inside the picture. From what I have learned and witnessed, no one looks like the women on vogue magazine, not even the women who are modeling for the cover.

This can be painful for many people. When men grow up and see those models in the magazines many will say, "Hot!...(or) yep, I'm gonna get me one of those!" Then reality sinks in and even the most beautiful of women still wake up in the morning with dragon breath and sleep in their eyes. Society has idealized the makeshift woman, and when someone real comes along it is something completely different.

When doing lectures on body-trends I speak to young women about their bodies, show them the women throughout history who were beautiful and all different sizes. I'll even bring up the Dove Evolution segment on youtube and they get to see what the girl behind the billboard/magazine cover really looks like-still beautiful, just real. I have watched girls breakdown and when I was younger I would do this too, 'why can't I just be that girl! The one that has buns of steal, and rock hard/flat abs, no acne, no pores!' But behind those pictures are women too, just like you and me. It is hard to believe but it is true.

When looking at how you view beauty look in a mirror. I am sure you have heard this before and decided to pass, but really take a good hard look. Find ten things a day that you love about yourself. After awhile you will have so many wonderful qualities that will come into view! Know that others see those qualities too! Everyone is beautiful whether you are a size 14 or a size 2. We all have different bone structure, skin color, shapes, sizes, and style. Remember you are unique, one of a kind, and this is your life. Don't waste it worrying about how the world sees you. See the world through new lenses. You deserve it!

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