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Connectivity In Times Of Adversity
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We have an amazing opportunity to connect with the world and everyone in it but first must acknowledge who we are, as an individual and as people, and believe in what we could be.  So many people are shouting out for change, begging and demanding it but one voice is lost in a sea of them. What change is it that we seek?  It is different for everyone isn't it?  There are several things that people want.  We are all unique and different and what we ask for is diverse.  So how could we all connect?  How can one voice be heard in the sea of many?  So many times people get stuck on this idea that we are too different.  When we focus on the differences, which genetically there is very little difference between people, we are creating a gap and disregarding commonalities.  There is so much that everyone wants that is similar. Maybe we don't want the same car, house, listen to the same music, or share the same beliefs but look beyond. 

I've had this idea in my head about our lists in life, the criteria for who we are, what we want in a relationship, what we want in a job, who we want to be.  Many people have lists that have more than one hundred things on it!  What if we could condense that list?  I truly believe that several people have similar needs and desires.  What if the sea of voices could be one, loud, unison statement!?  Do we have that capacity?  Something I like asking myself, "What is it in this life that I thrive on and could not live without?"  

When looking at questions such as that, you are suddenly beginning to look at that long list and see it condense into fewer wants in life.  I took the idea of control over other people or future events out of the equation and just believed/believe in simple truths: happiness, freedom, equity, equality, and celebration of diversity/individuality--a true acknowledgement of the greatness in this world, the connection. We are dead center in one of the greatest times of adversity in a good many years but look what has happened: connectivity between different ethnic backgrounds, religions, social groups, and political parties...all for the hope that our sea of voices will be heard, acknowledged, and one day make a difference!

By questioning what we know, we are then acknowledging the many possibilities that are out there leaving opportunity to dream of something greater!

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