Do You Have Your Facebook Home Page?
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Do You Have Your Facebook Home Page?

hello and good day -

I guess there are a lot of people using facebook, I do once in a while.

I was listening to gal in church, she was helping her son on facebook speaking to an investigator on facebook with help from a spanish translation tool - I couldn't believe it!

Boy am I missing out, on how to use the internet or facebook or other social tools?

The answer would be yes!

There is so much going on line - we can't even keep up.

My church has wifi at every stake (Larger meeting buildings) and church buildings -

They are asking how many members need manuals - because so many are studying at church on tablets,

Members can use the tablet to get information on lessons, information on church membership, information on lots of things.

I just bought a tablet so I can keep up in the meetings with others, but first I'll have to learn how to use it.

In the near future, we'll have tablets that act like a small lab top and phone - wait they already have such devices, where you have a blue tooth, and can talk to some one on or through wifi and use that tablet as a lab top and phone at the same time -

I hear that this is cheaper than - regular cell phone - but of course you will need both.

Technology is great if you can use it and if you can't afford it or use it - its frustrating!

Maybe you have a family or group who uses facebook, to stay in touch with one another.

Our church is supposed to be a test group for facebook and social sites - for sharing the gospel - we have not done much, yet - in this area but we are working on it.

What I'm trying to point out here is this - you can hardly be alive and not see more technology all around us - from computers, cameras, cell phones etc. they are all being affected by technology!

I'm telling my age, but you used to have a ring phone, even party lines, with different rings.

You used to send post cards, cards, and letters before all this technology got here.

The big question is - will you keep up with whats going on, and be able to use it to better - at home, school, church or work?

Well - time will tell all things.

On the positive side, I do love it - technology - when you can get some one online and they can walk you through a web site - so you can find things and get things done.

All this craziness about facebook -

Some people are using this well but others are not.

If you can get genuine feed back for your company or a a program -that's ok - but most of use don't get much from facebook.

I'd rather talk to a person online or by phone - its just more effective.

So - it always comes down to this - how well do you know how to use this new technology?

As usual I'm a work in progress. There is always a lot more work involved than progress shown!

Roger L Martin - from Billings MT - 406-252-4964 MDT

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