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Don’t Let Your Pride Get The Better Of You
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I will never profess to being an expert of anything. I have my standards and right about now I feel I have failed myself. But despite this I continue to hold on to them. My pride often gets me in trouble. I have made a mess of many things in my life. But if I would have just asked for help maybe they would not have been so bad.

There is nothing wrong with having pride, but when it over takes you and keeps you from asking for help when you truly know you need it there is a problem. This I sometimes feel was my downfall, to proud to ask for help when I needed it. This applies to many aspects of my life, from school, boyfriend, children, husband, financial, you name it I have been to proud to ask for help or maybe just a little advice from a friend or a professional.

I recently told someone close to me that maybe I do need help from a professional, and now that I really think about the concerns I have do I really. Maybe it’s just all in my head and if I let some things bottled up inside me go, maybe it will get better. This can work for some people they can learn how to deal with and handle their problems and issues on their own but some people do need professional help. Some problems may be too big for you to handle on your own. If you’re lucky you have family, friends, church members you can count on to help you with your problems or may be just listen and offer advice. But sometimes there are problems you may have you don’t know how to tell anyone.

This was something I went through. I was doing something I could not tell anyone about. This had more to do with shame then pride. I allowed someone to push me into doing things I knew were wrong but did anyway because I was trying to escape my reality. That was where my pride kicked in. I should have done something, told someone what I was going through and got help. I have family and friends that care and love me very much. Why did I let myself get to such a low point? I only wanted to have a happy, healthy family. But I let my pride get in the way.

I have learned a lot from my mistakes, and can sit here now and write that if I could go back and change one thing it would be my pride. I would tell anyone I could who I knew cared and maybe even people who did not that I needed help, I was drowning and needed to be saved. It is never a sigh of weakness to ask for help, it is never too late to save yourself. But be careful when you do try and save yourself because you may hurt the ones who love you the most depending on how you go about it. Having standards is very important, knowing you are capable of doing things for yourself and your family is very important for your self esteem.

Never let your pride over take you and handicap you from asking or seeking help. Because in the end your pride may be your greatest downfall. Be strong and trust in your family and friends to be there for you no matter how bad it may seem to you.

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dont let your pride be in the way for good

  about 9 years ago
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