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Face Your Fears
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Face Your Fears

Are you feeling depressed?

Are you stressed out?

Are you feeling anxious?

Do you find yourself wishing you can do more with your life?

Well I don't have some miracle pill or injectable confidence that you can take that will get you up. The best I can give is what was given to me..... inspiration. Im writing this article with the hope that whoever is reading this will take on these tips I'm giving.

Before I delve into this understand that I am not offering some get better quick scheme that will win you the girl/boy of your dreams, make you a millionaire and help you achieve inner spiritual peace. What I am offering is a true life changing piece of advice. You must realize that the changes you want in your life must be LIFESTYLE CHANGES if you only do these things for two or three days the "results will reflect the effort".

Let me repeat Lifestyle changes you must destroy old habits and replace them with ones that will better your life and help you achieve what you want.

Lets take a look at one of your biggest opponents in life... FEAR.

Fear of Death, Fear of Loneliness, Fear of Embarrassment, Fear of Poverty, Fear of Loss, Fear of Getting Older, Fear.. Fear.... Fear. Lets face it nobody wants to die, or be alone, or be embarrassed, or feel loss of a loved one, these are all perfectly normal fears, but the thing about fear is what we fear never really comes true!

I am finding in my own life that as I face my fears that all the negative images and scenarios that I have played in my mind for years are nothing more than just that.... just negative images, but not reality!

False. Evidence. Appearing. Real I know many of you have heard this acronym before but lets delve deeper shall we?

A lot of times we give ourself TOO MUCH CREDIT, for judging the outcome of things. We tend to believe that we know how things are going to end and in many cases we are completely wrong.

How many times in your own life has a moment started of horribly(as you believed it to be), but yet turned into a beautiful blessing as time passed by?

The truth is none of us are mind readers nor soothsayers(able to see into the future), we have no idea where we will be in five years, not to mention in five minutes. With that in mind, why would you tell yourself negative things.

How about painting your future the way you want it to be and then finding out how to achieve what you want and going for it.

Lets take a break and talk about a nasty little word that we feel and will hold us back only if we allow it to.

R-E-G-R-E-T. I want you all to google this word and write it down. Actually DO THE WORK( most of our issues come from laziness, we tend to mope around in our own failures and forget that failure is the road to success).

Take a minute and think about what you regret. How does it make you feel? Now tell me how does feelings this way help you change your life? Or better yet does feeling sorry for yourself help you change your life?

Here's my answer NO!! It does not help.

Yes we all have/ have not done things that we regret, but focusing on those things does not help you better your life.

From now on I want you guys to give me your word that you will only focus on the things that make your life better!

Here's a few tips that should get you on your way to feeling better

1. LAUGH! Simple as it seems sharing a laugh with a friend or looking up jokes on the internet is a great way to relieve stress and make your day seem more positive.

2. MEDITATE! Learn meditation techniques these usually involve clearing your mind and focusing on an phrase or sound such as "Aum".

3. "FORGIVENESS"Oh boy! This is a big one and this does not mean forgiving someone else but forgiving yourself when you make a mistake or you come short of a goal, tell yourself,"It's okay to fail, Im only human. Failing at a task does not make you a failure!"

4. EMPOWER. Empower yourself everyday with inspirational quotes and daily affirmations.

5. STOP TRYING TO BE PERFECT(this one is direct more towards myself than anyone else) For whatever reason we try to be perfect.

I guess we try to do so, so that we can avoid the pain and embarrassment, instead of increasing our own self esteem and confidence. When we increase our self esteem we allow ourselves to FAIL without destroying ourselves. Even if no one else approves of it believe in yourself is all that matters.

*Remember when everybody else leaves it just you by yourself*

So you must become your best friend.

Im sorry to say this but we live in a Negative world, fighting, gangs, drugs, pestilence, poverty, no knows who to trust. I believe that this came about because since we were infants we have been taught to put our trust,love and faith in something other than OURSELVES!

To me this is the greatest crime you can commit to deny the one person who will always be with the love the deserve(that one person is YOU).

*This may seem egocentric or even narcissistic, but you must love yourself FIRST!

How can you give someone what you do not already have, the people with a lot of love usually have a lot of love for themselves, so they have a lot of it to give. That old saying is right whatever you put out returns to you ten-fold.

At the end of the day the only thing you need to cure your depression,anxiety and stress


P.S. I don't care what anyone else says loving yourself is not a problem, it actually should be a class taught in school :-D~

Street Talk

Ai Hoon  

Nice positive words there. We all hope that we can all leave our fears in life and truly pursue our dreams of happiness and fulfillment. These are difficult when we are constantly filled with doubt and fear that may not be proven true, as you said. Most of our worries are actually just that, thoughts in our heads and not reality. It is really difficult to let go of fear though and it must be done little by little. We should all make an effort because growing old with just fear, is not a life worth living. Thanks for the article!

  about 1 decade ago
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