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Fear The Greatest Motivator
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Fear the Greatest Motivator

The online dictionary is probably my favorite dictionary. The reason is simple it is accessible from almost anywhere. Here is what it says about fear. A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, ect., whether the threat is real or imagined.

Now stop to think how many times have you let fear motivate you in a situation where the threat was real or imagined. I bet if your honest you might say many times. Maybe this will help the stock market is crashing the stock market is crashing. Many people allowed fear to motivate them to sale while others said lets ride this one out.

So is fear a great motivator and the answer of course is no. Anytime we let fear motivate us out thinking for one is not clear. Our actions are both panicked and in no one smooth or calculated. Even in a horror movie the people who choose to think through their fears are the ones who mist likely survive those who go screaming out into the night or hallway are done for. You know that the one you get a kick out of laughing at or so my friends say I stay away from horror flicks.

Talking about fear is a very sensitive subject because so people have fears that are very real and are in no way imagined. First thing talk to some one about your fear. Choose who you talk to wisely. If your talking to some one in the same situation as you the answer you get is not going to be helpful. Look for some one who was there and has come out alright or some one who specializes on the subject that you fear.

Allow yourself to move beyond fear. This can actually be very hard to do. you actually have to be able to see that their is another way of life. Lets say your fear if financial and all you can see if debt and bills in your future. It can be very hard to replace that picture with another one showing prosperity.

There are ways to over come this though. Go to a library get some books by people who use to be in your situation. While you are watching TV make it a game actively search for things that would make your life different and plan how you could achieve that goal. Well that's good for them but what about me my life is in actual danger. Get real help. Not friends making suggestions but the kind of help that will remove you from the danger. But even you will not move if you believe that life can not or will not be any better.

Remember fear is both real and imagined. It is crucial to know what your fear is. When your fear is understood then you can take the right steps to removing it from your life. For every one who feels their fear is life threatening please get help.

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