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Have You Regretted In Your Past? All Have Made You Better
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Have You Regretted In Your Past? All Have Made You Better

There is this boy who met me a few days ago through a close friend. This was Sammy and he was with my close friend. He had the chance to sleep in my room because he was with my friend.

He continued to be with me after my friend left and I had to consider him because he had not gotten a room for himself yet.

Sammy had a room not long ago but he still sleeps in my room. What came into my mind was maybe he feels good around me.

I could see he shares something in common with me, he also likes reading good books and we have acquainted to each other to some extent now.

Fortunately for him, the bed I was sleeping on in my final days in the university was the very one he had also gotten as a permanent bed to rest on.

I don’t know what he has heard. Last night when I returned from work, he came and told me he would like to ask me a question.

I was quite curious so I asked him, “what is it about?” He told me I shouldn’t worry. This morning before I left for work, he had woke up and gone to his permanent room.

I decided to go and bid him farewell. He mentioned my name when he saw me in the room and said, “let me ask you, so that you will think about it on your way to work.” I took a relaxed position to listen attentively to this new friend of mine.

He continued, “what three things would you like to change in your past years and what three things will you like to continue doing from now onwards?”

I stood startled for some minutes, then I asked myself, “what has Sammy gotten to know about me or what has someone told him?” Among these were thoughts buzzing in my mind.

I instantly asked him, why? But he was not able to give me any tangible reason for asking me that question.

Previously, I had given him an article I wrote entitled “The Illiterate Graduate” to be pasted on the hall’s notice board for the freshmen and women to read.

I believe, among this and some other actions I have exhibited might have prompted this surprising question.

I then turned and left in a pondering mood.

I had some wild times few years ago and of which I believe had made me the better person I am now. The past have paved way for the future and there is no great teacher than experience. Those years were crippled with some hasty decisions and unsound actions which made the results very appropriate to foster and inspire me in this new life I have chosen.

All those experiences were working together for my good. They were molding and preparing me to develop a pleasant personality with a virtuous character of which am proud off.

I wait to see him in some few hours and tell him, I have NOTHING to be regretful about. All have made me the better person I am today, writing this article.

My dear reader, I don’t know your past and the experiences you have encountered in your life but there is one thing I know for sure, that ALL HAVE MADE YOU BETTER”.

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