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Homeless Boy Who Won Peace Prize Gives Money To Charity
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Homeless Boy Who Won Peace Prize Gives Money to Charity


Cris "Kesz" Valdez won the International Children's Peace Price on September 19th. He also received $130,000 for his work with street children in the Philippines. This homeless boy who won peace prize gives money to charity. A big chunk of that prize money will go back to his charity.

His Early Life

Kesz used to live at home with an abusive father. His father forced him to get money for alcohol and drugs. Kesz started looking for food from a trash dump when he was two years old. This boy left home when he was four years old. Kesz tried living at the dumpsite, and he was unable to stay there very long. He fell into a burning pit and had serious injuries. He reached out for help at that point.

His Charity

Kesz had his first birthday celebration when he turned seven years old. He decided to raise funds to help street children in Cavite City in the Philippines. He set up a charity called "Championing Community Children." The charity gets money to provide necessities to homeless children.

These children also get help for healing from their wounds, learn about their own rights, and learn about the importance of good personal hygiene for health. This organization has reportedly helped more than 10,000 homeless children living in the streets.

Kesz also provides hope for street children. Health is very important to him. This is the message he has for children all over the world. He said health is very important. He is a strong believer in hygiene for health. He tells the children they can play, be able to learn new things, and to love other people when they are healthy.

By giving a large portion of his prize money to charity, he also encourages the street children to have hope for their future. With the additional money, he can reach out to even more street children.

His Goals for Life

Kesz wants to get an education and become a doctor. His goals for life are closely related to his charity work and the prize money he received as recognition for his work with street children. He needs advanced education to become a medical doctor. He wants to help even more people by completing his education and helping people with health issues.

Why He is an Inspiration

He is an inspiration because he helps other street children even though he is homeless. He cares about other people even though he doesn't have his own place. He is also an inspiration to people in the medical field. Even though he is young, he teaches other people about personal hygiene. In addition, he helps people to become healthy and to stay healthy. He is doing this work even though he needs a lot of additional schooling to become a doctor.

Based on what I have learned about him, he is likely to continue to inspire people to help others. In addition, he is gaining "work experience" with his charity work. That work experience will help him get into a good medical school and possibly even get scholarships to become a medical doctor.

The picture submitted with this article came from the Inquirer Global Nation.

Street Talk

What a great story and a great young man!

  about 7 years ago

What a great story!

  about 7 years ago
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