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The world is so full of problems today. There is no one way to even try and come up with a plan to fix them. We all have our own problems, and to us they are more important then anything that might be going on outside our own world. I myself (like you) have problems and I have trouble solving them at times. Sometimes you may feel like things will never get resolved, it just a revolving door of crap that never stops spinning. Well despite all of this I have maintained my sense of humor. If not I may have really gone crazy by now.

I really enjoy making people laugh. I find it relaxing to make someone laugh it really eases tension. I know there is not always humor in everything. It has it’s time and place but used in the right way it can change someone’s outlook on their life and maybe brighten their day just a bit. We tend to get so bogged down with day to day problems that we don’t look for the true joy in life. For some people even little things can seem like a complete disaster.

Let’s use this example- For some people they have never come home and had a utility cut off for one of two reasons. They are responsible and pay the bill when they get it, or they make sure it gets paid before the disconnect date. This is not a complete disaster because you can survive without it for a short time. There are those of us who procrastinate and push that date to the limit. I realize this is not something to teach your children because you should always be that responsible person and pay your bills on time, and avoid the embarrassment and undo stress on yourself and your family. There can be humor found in this situation if you know how to find the fun in life and just know that things happen and there sometimes is no reason why.

But let’s be realistic, most people in this country are poor (or close to it) or homeless (they don’t have to worry about bills) living paycheck to paycheck and praying nothing bad happens. They are barely making ends meet. So with that you may be forced to wait till that disconnect notice comes, or maybe you could have the due date of the bill changed, and even chance it a few days after because you need to eat, your kids need to eat, you need gas to go to work or you just want to be selfish and buy something you want and say to hell with the lights, gas, water, cable, phone, etc. I will pay it later.

Well the bills won’t stop coming and you have to pay them so why not just pay them when you get them (a concept I never learned therefore don’t recommend) then you know what you have left over to spend or save if anything (another concept I never learned but do recommend to a certain degree). So if you just don’t get it or can’t follow along just bare with me. Through all of this you can either find the humor or get mad! It is up to you! It is not the end of the world, just a minor inconvenience in your life and is no one else fault but yours.

The problems of the world are way more complex and not really very humorous at times, they are much harder to fix then a simple bill. It will take all of us as a group to change things for the better. But if we can work on fixing our own problems and maybe using a little humor every now and then life won’t seem like such a disaster.

Life will never stop throwing things at you and it is up to you how you make them seem. These are very simple concepts and if applied you will see that what at the time seems to be an impending disaster is really just life and has to be dealt with no matter what. You can either laugh about it or cry or do both. But I have a feeling laughing will make you feel a whole lot better in the end.

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